The Crossroads In Life: Why A Road Trip With Friends Needs To Go On Your Bucket List

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I love road trips! I’ve been on so many spontaneous adventures with friends where we’ve ended up just driving around and seeing things local to us that we had never noticed before. It’s so much fun and it really helps you to gain an interest in the things around you.

As life goes on, we can begin to list so many things in life that we want to do before our time expires. A road trip is one of those things that isn’t just beneficial for us as individuals, but it’s a fantastic experience for you and your friends. So, if you’re at that age where you’re starting to tick off items on your bucket list, here is why a road trip with your friends needs to go on there.

You Learn The Hard Way

From discovering the practical things you completely forgot to pack, all the way through to speaking to someone in a language that you have no clue about; and resulting to grandiose gestures, you discover things the hard way. You need to have some sense of practicality in place beforehand, which is why it’s important to do a little bit of research first; otherwise you may find yourself struggling. So here’s a tip: take some home comforts with you. Stores like the 4WD Supacentre provide camping gear, as well as practical items like awnings to make the experience in the car a much more palatable one. But if you think that you’re struggling during a long road trip, here’s a news flash: it’s meant to be an ordeal! And this is how you learn stuff.

You Bond More

Going on a road trip with friends that you are closest to means you will learn so much more about them. As a result, you will cement a much stronger bond. By living in each other’s pockets, and going through the struggles that everybody endures during a road trip, you will have so many stories that you will look back on in 30 years’ time and realize how much you bonded. If you are all going your separate ways and consider this to be a last hurrah, it’s one of the best ways to get an idea of who your friends really are in the grand scheme of things.

You Will Discover Who You Are

And although you will discover who your true friends are, you will also begin to get a better idea of you as a person. By going through one of these are essential life experiences, where you will feel extreme highs, dizzying lows, and everything in between, you will increase your sense of resilience and boost your confidence, but you will learn to not take life so seriously. We all seem to sweat the small stuff nowadays, especially with something like social media in the grand scheme of things. Instead, seeing what the world has to offer up close and personal will give you a much better understanding of how everything works; and how seriously you’ve been taking yourself.

And on top of this, you’ll see the world in all its glory. You’ll get a different understanding of how people are, which is another way of educating yourself. Sometimes, we can be in our own little bubble, and not have a true understanding of what life is like out there, and this is why a road trip, with your closest buddies is something that is essential on your bucket list.





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  1. Lovely post..💞💞 make me wanna go for a trip 😄

  2. great post – the road trips are so much😊 fun –

  3. I LOVE ROAD TRIPS or honestly any kind of trip and it’s always a lot better when I’m with a friend 😀

  4. These are great tips. I don’t really have an awful lot of friends to go on a road trip with but it’s something I’d love to do!

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