the big pink

The Big Pink

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Hi everyone!

So it’s October and I have been asked very kindly by The Bloggers Lounge to share a post to raise awareness for this years Breast Cancer campaign: The Big Pink. I jumped at the chance as I’m all about raising awareness for a good cause! If you head over to my health posts you’ll see examples of other posts where I have written about conditions that affect people all over the world, to help others gain better understanding.

To give a quick summary:

Breast Cancer affects approximately 1 in 8 women, and it is the most common type of Cancer. I have been lucky enough to not know anyone who has been diagnosed, but like the other unfortunate illnesses in the world, I can only offer my deepest sympathies and make a donation, plus try to raise awareness.

To support The Big Pink this month, I have been wearing as much pink as possible (which I have NO issue with, as I LOVE pink!)

the big pink

I have also made my own glittery pink strawberries & cream soaps and a percentage of all my earnings from them will be donated! 🙂

The Brief I have been given explains pretty much all you need to know so below I have copied the main information you need:

Here are some examples of how the money you and your audience raise can help:

£5 could help us run our Someone Like Me phone service and allow people with breast
cancer to talk freely and regularly with trained volunteers who understand their
particular concerns.

£10 could give 10 people with breast cancer the vital answers they need right now by
funding 10 invaluable information resources.

£30 could give a person affected by breast cancer the specialist information and
support they need when they need it most through our Helpline.

£55 could help a younger woman with breast cancer feel less isolated by attending a
residential course with expert information, support and a space to connect with others
under 45 with the same diagnosis.

£100 could give women with breast cancer somewhere to turn after their treatment by
funding a facilitator on a Moving Forward course for four hours.

£450 could give 40 younger women with breast cancer the expert support of a
specialist younger women’s nurse for two days at a bespoke event.

Why is it important?

Every year, 62,000 people in the UK are told they have breast cancer. The diagnosis not only
changes their lives forever, but also the lives of their family and friends. Breast Cancer Care
understands the emotions, challenges and decisions people face every day. They know that
everyone’s experience is different. That’s why they are there to offer support and information
and campaign for better care.

Breast Cancer Care are the only specialist UK-wide charity providing support to people with
breast cancer. Their free services include support over the phone with a nurse or someone
who’s been there, welcoming online forums, reliable information and local group support.
They’ll help people to live life with breast cancer and beyond. From the moment someone
notices something isn’t right, through their treatment and beyond, Breast Cancer Care will be

691,000 people in the UK are currently living with a breast cancer diagnosis. Right now,
Breast Cancer Care can’t reach everyone when they need them. With support, they can be
here for more people, with care, support and information.
By supporting Breast Cancer Care, you can be confident that you’ll be helping people through
one of the most difficult challenges they will ever face.

If you haven’t donated already and would like to, you can do so HERE!





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