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4 Quirky Wedding Themes To Get Your Guests Talking!

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Hey ladies!

Does anyone have a wedding coming up? I keep hearing about weddings happening from people I used to know and it got me thinking. I wouldn’t want a traditional wedding; something that will be like every other wedding that happens. I’d want to do something awesome. It wouldn’t have to be something big, but I would definitely be thinking about unique wedding themes to be a little bit different.

Your wedding is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life! To make it even more memorable (for all the right reasons), get your guests talking by organising a wedding theme that is a little off-beat, or so totally traditional that it is unusual – such as a Victorian theme. The quirkier the better! If your wedding is well executed it could even rival that of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in May this year. You never know you could have Hello magazine knocking on your door!

If you are going to go for a specific theme for your wedding, it will be important to get every aspect “just right”. To set the scene ensure that your wedding invitations are bespoke such as those created by Pure Invitation wedding invites. Your guests will want to know what to wear if your theme is a little “off the wall”.

wedding themes

Here are some wedding themes for you to consider:


Having a beach wedding throws up many ideas for themes. Firstly you will need to decide which beach! Will your beach be somewhere hot and sunny, or is there a beach close to where you live? Consider your guests if you are travelling far afield. Close family will most likely want to be with you, whereas friends may struggle to get the time off.

Clothing for a beach wedding can be as formal or casual as you like, you may even be able to get married in your bikini, but check local laws and customs first. Whatever the dress, your shoes should definitely be casual or consider going barefoot with attractive foot jewellry – you will want to feel the sand between your toes.

The decor for a beach wedding depends on where the beach is. A tropical paradise lends itself to flowers and plants from the topics, bright colours and shells from faraway seas. If your wedding is taking place in a more traditional seaside resort deckchairs, stripy bunting, candyfloss and nautical accessories would look fab. You could even provide buckets and spades! For wedding favours you could give each guest a message in a bottle, for a quirky keepsake. How cool would that be?

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A vintage styled wedding never goes out of fashion, people love the romance of a bygone era. You could simply opt for a few vintage touches such as sourcing a vintage wedding dress, or you could go the whole hog and create your wedding as if out of a scene on Downton Abbey!

Decide on which era your wedding is trying to re-enact and research what would have been traditionally done at the time. A victorian wedding would always include flower wreaths worn in the hair. Poetry and rhymes were extremely important, you could consider writing your own – what could be more romantic!


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“Roll up, roll up. It’s all the fun of the fair”!

If you love fairgrounds why not incorporate the theme of the fun fair into your wedding day? Your wedding will certainly be memorable and think of the photo opportunities!

Your main consideration will be your wedding venue, it’s unlikely that you will find an up and running fun fair that will host weddings, although not impossible. A better option would be to hire fairground attractions for your venue. Be realistic about space, you will need a large amount of space if you want to include large attractions such as a ferris wheel and carousel.

Don’t forget to include the ever popular “hook a duck” and provide traditional fairground food such as popcorn, hotdogs and candy floss. Have fun! I would actually seriously consider doing this if I ever married. This is by far one of the most exciting and unique wedding themes that I can think of!!

Medieval – Game Of Thrones

The popular series, Game Of Thrones is a fantasy epic, situated in the wilds of Ireland and Scotland. You can really let your imagination run wild with this theme, as there are really no limits. Good venues would be large wooded areas, lofty barns and great halls. Ensure all touches of “the modern” world are hidden as your aim is to create a bygone era.

Check out this website for a really stunning venue!

Clothing can be as dramatic and wild as you like. Decor should be sumptuous faux furs and silks combined with the rusticness of the surroundings.

Floral bouquets should be wild and dramatic with a combination of flowers and foliage that would be traditionally found in such surroundings. Roses and Ivy would be a good bet.

This is just a small snapshot of the many wedding themes you could consider. You could choose whatever theme you like. With a bit of research and planning your wedding will be remembered for years to come!

wedding themes

Let your individual style shine through! This is YOUR big day!!

Are you getting married in the near future? Are you thinking about quirky wedding themes or would you prefer a more traditional wedding? Let me know!

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  1. I’ve always been a quirky person but I’ve never been so sure about the idea of a themed wedding! The funfair one definitely appeals to me because of all the different possible things you could decorate with and all the metallic colours and cute candy floss etc. I am quite a gothic lover though so I’m definitely having some sort of skull decor at my wedding hehe! This is such a fab idea for a post, I’d love to attend a themed wedding!
    Alice Xx

  2. Although I’ve always been a really quirky person, I’m not sure how I feel about having my own wedding themed! I would absolutely love to attend one though. If any of these, I definitely love the idea of the funfair one the most as imagine the endless decor pieces and colours and fun things you could incorporate into it (albeit very expensive…) what a great idea for a post!
    Alice Xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love that you have included so many fun and different ideas here Lozza 💖. A tropical beach wedding is the ultimate dream! It sounds perfect 😍 xx

    Bexa |

  4. I love that you have included so many fun and different ideas here Lozza 💖. A tropical beach wedding is the ultimate dream! It sounds perfect 😍 xx

    Bexa |

  5. These wedding themes are lovely💕 My favorite is the Medieval one. I got matried last year and I didn’t have a traditional one👫 More on my blog if you want to check it out😊

  6. A vintage wedding sounds beautiful! Makes me think of fairytales!
    Aleeha xXx

  7. I love the sound of the beach wedding, that’s the ultimate dream getting married somewhere tropical 😍. It’s awesome you have included so many different and creative ideas. Great post Lozza, thanks for sharing 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  8. Love this you’ve got some great ideas! I’d love to get married somewhere hot on a beach and the foot jewellery idea is really clever! Great post hun!

    Jess //

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