Monday Motivation- Tips You NEED

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Because we all need some motivation!

Oh yeah, I said it.. The dreaded M word.. I can almost see people burying their head in their hands, wandering how to get through Monday tomorrow. But it’s okay, I can help! Let’s make your Monday a bit less hair pulling shall we?

Here’s a sprinkle of motivation for you..

1. The way to start is get a good nights sleep the night before so you awake slightly less like you want to scream at the world. See my last post here which tells you how to have the most amaaaazing Sunday.

2. Tell yourself that it’s a new week and set yourself some goals you can look forward too.

3. Try not to think of Monday as the beginning of a reaaaaally long week which will just drag on and on. Try to think ahead and make plans for the week, and do something different.

4. If you’re in a job where you have set working hours, then the week can seem so boring and never ending because every week is the same. Try to switch up your plans, and maybe go out for a meal or have a pamper night on a Monday so you have something to look forward too, and get rid of the awful Monday dread.

5. Give yourself enough time in the morning to wake up properly and get ready in time.

Don’t overdo the snooze button!

6. Make yourself a cup of tea/coffee and eat a decent breakfast. It’s so easy to skip breakfast (I know) have something that will set your day on a positive track. Weetabix/porridge or some fruit and a yoghurt are good ideas as they are super healthy and will keep you alert and slowly energise you!

7. Pull out your outfit of the day from your wardrobe and iron if needed.

8. Jump in the shower and use a shower gel such as tea tree. This will really help you to wake up!

9. Before you get dressed.. moisturise! Oh trust me, you will feel like one sexy chick after and you will be able to handle anything!

10. Start doing your hair and make up (alright don’t cake it on!!!) and make sure your bag has what you need for the day inside.

If you’re anything like me, you won’t have prepared lunch the night before like organised people do, and have to frantically find something easy to grab..

Why is there no food??!?

11. Have a Berocca!! You already know the day will be tough as let’s face it.. it’s Monday which is bad on its own. A Berocca will keep you going throughout the day.

12. When you get to work try to keep a smile on your face until you have consumed enough coffee to be just the slightest bit more approachable to your co workers.


Don’t talk to me yet unless you want to be yelled at! Why can’t weekends be longer?

13. Deal with your most difficult tasks for the day first thing. As much as you’ll want to ease into the day and sort out the boring shit later, when you’ve accepted the weekend is over, and stopped denying that it’s Monday already; do it now and get it out the way with, then the rest of your day you won’t have it hanging over your head. (As well as your boss nagging)

14. Get the catch up gossip with your co-workers out of the way, so you can get on with your day without someone approaching you every FIVE BLOODY SECONDS!!!!

Gosh Friday is so close to Monday, what do you think I did in two days? Flew around the world and back? You don’t need to deal with that! How will boring small talk help you even start to learn how to get through Monday?

15. When the time comes when you can finally stop counting down the minutes until lunch break arrives. Make sure you take your whole break – to the minute, otherwise you’ll never learn how to get through a Monday. Eat well, and switch off for an hour. Sit somewhere quietly and read a book; or do something that doesn’t remind you that it’s Monday and you’re at work and you want to go home and cry because why do we have to work? Life is so hard and waaaaaaaaa.

16. After you have successfully got through the day without throwing a huge tantrum and growling at everyone (well done by the way!!) Go home, make dinner, have some you time to relax; and snuggle up in bed with a hot chocolate and a movie and then; you can cross Monday off your list.

Goodbye Monday! Please don’t come again so soon! Feeling like you know how to get through Monday now? Share this post with your friends to boost their motivation!





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  2. This was so good. Really struggle with Monday’s so hoping this well help me a lot. Thank you x

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