How To De-Clutter Your Wardrobe

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(If You Can Never Find Anything to Wear)

Ladies, admit it..

We do like to hoard don’t we? I don’t know a girl that isn’t a complete shopaholic and whose wardrobe’s entire contents doesn’t spill out onto the bedroom floor, every time the fricking door is opened. If this sounds like you then you need to know how to de-clutter your wardrobe!

Do you have cupboards/draws just full of absolute nonsense you don’t even recall buying?

Do you go shopping for an entire new outfit every time you have an event coming up?

Can you go on a shopping spree and spend ridiculous money ££££ and get home, to find you don’t actually need any of the stuff, and you can’t remember anything you have LITERALLY just bought?!? It’s not just me right??

Let’s stop this silliness shall we?

Girls.. I know the idea of buying a new outfit for every event comes naturally to you. But what about the other 100,000 outfits you have in your wardrobe? Did you really spend all that money to just wear it once and then forget about it’s existence? Come on now.. You can’t be that rich.. Let’s be more practical shall we? Try adding a belt or eye catching jewellery to a dress you’re bored of and believe us, no one will even recognize that you have worn it before!

My thoughts..

Believe it or not, we don’t need 27,000 pairs of black heels (why on earth do we keep buying them?) There’s probably shoes piled up to high heaven in your room somewhere right?

how to de-clutter your wardrobe

Choose your favourite couple of pairs for:

  • Nights out
  • Winter boots
  • Casual flats
  • Work shoes
  • Trainers/gym shoes

Now look at the condition of the shoes you don’t need anymore.. If unworn/in perfect condition try and sell them! Stick them on Ebay or Shpock and try and claw some of your money back! If used but not too worn out and in an acceptable condition, do your good deed for the day and donate them to charity!

I recently cleared out all my old shoes, and found 5 pairs of trainers.. Bloody 5! I haven’t set foot in a gym for like 3 years, I mean what the actual heck?!

Now sort through the mountain of clothes you have! Be honest, when was the last time you had a sort through? I’ve come up with a no-nonsense rule which is: If you haven’t worn it in the past year – get rid!! You most probably won’t even notice it’s gone! Or did you even know you had it? The trick is to bag up all the bits you are getting rid of and once you have done so..


That’s the biggest mistake you can make, as you decide you want literally everything back again and have just wasted your time. (I believe in you girls!! Be strong, you can do it!)

If you have a top shelf in your wardrobe, fold all your basics up neatly and put them there, so they are easy to grab when you need them. Sort through all your trousers and jeans, shorts and skirts; (Do you have like 12 pairs of jeans too?) Come on now.. Get rid of the ones you don’t wear! I bet half of them don’t even fit you anymore! Hang all your leg-wear together so they are easy to find.

See what coats you have. It makes sense to keep a winter coat, a lightweight jacket for summer, and an evening coat/jacket to wear on nights out (I LOVE a leather jacket for these occasions!) Now sort through all your jumpers and cardigans. There’s loads of them too right? Put the ones you rarely ever wear aside, there must be LOADS to keep you going. Hang all the items you want to keep together, and move on to tops. You should keep a small variety of long sleeved, short sleeved and 3/4 length (if they are to your liking) and within them should be a mix of casual everyday wear, smart wear and evening wear- (Something a bit dressy without having to wear a dress, and be too made up)

how to declutter your wardrobe

If you have space at the bottom of your wardrobe, I found that it’s a good idea, to keep all your shoes in it. Then you can easily see what shoes will go with an outfit .

(And it saves space!!)

Your nightwear/socks and underwear may be kept in chest of drawers, or elsewhere in your bedroom; but if they’re not and are kept in the wardrobe too then get yourself a cute, non expensive set of mini drawers that will fit inside your wardrobe (if you can find room for your shoes elsewhere) This will keep your wardrobe looking neat and tidy, and you should be able to fit everything you need!

So remember:

  • Have a clear out reguarly
  • Don’t keep too many of the same item
  • Get rid of what doesn’t fit you anymore
  • Always hang things in an order, so you can find things faster
  • Keep your wardrobe neat and organised
  • Sell the worthy items you no longer want
  • Donate the ones you don’t want to sell to charity
  • Don’t buy something unless you actually need it, unless you are willing to get rid of a similar item

Did you find any of these tips helpful at all?

Check out ways to spend your spare time next!

There’s always time to learn how de-clutter your wardrobe properly, and we can always find the time to do it! I hope I helped motivate you a little bit! If you have any other tips to share that I’ve missed, or you find really helpful.. Can you let me know in the comments box below?





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  1. Great post. Welcome to the blogging community.

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂

  2. hehe awesome post! I love decluttering my closet tbh

    1. It can be fun can’t it! ☺️

      1. lots of it! 🙂

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  4. […] Take the time to restore yourself. Catch up on paperwork, decorate your home or have a clear out. (See how to de clutter your wardrobe) […]

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