How To Have The Perfect Sunday 

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When you have no plans, no kids & a responsibility free day

Ahhhhhh Sundays…

The most amazing day of the week! The laziest, the most enjoyed, the most family orientated.. You need to know how to have the perfect Sunday to make the absolute most of it!

Yes it’s Monday tomorrow but don’t let that ruin your day!

Let’s face it Sunday’s are awesome!

Here’s my reasons why:

1. You can get up as late as you want and don’t have to feel guilty

2. You get all your housework and chores done on Saturday so you have this wonderful day to relax and don’t have to worry about making effort to do work

3. You have the whole day free and your mind goes crazy trying to figure out what the heck you’re going to do. You feel like you have all the time in the world and set a plan for the day. Even though you end up napping for most of it and achieving nothing

4. You can actually spend time with your family and catch up as you have ignored them for the entire week due to having such a hella crazy schedule! Alright miss popular!

Want to know my guide on how to have the perfect Sunday?

Oh alright then..

  • Turn that fricking alarm off! Do you want to be woken up by a screaming clock?
  • When you wake up – remind yourself this is your day to relax and do what YOU want to do!
  • Stay in your pyjamas as long as you god damn want too! No need to get dolled up! Who are you impressing?
  • Make a nice breakfast, lounge in front of the TV with a nice cup of tea. Who cares if you stay there for hours?
  • Have a pamper session- paint your nails, cleanse your skin, moisturise, put your favourite cosy clothes on
  • Have a nice cooked meal for dinner, be it a roast or something warm and filling; then treat yourself to a mouthwatering dessert. Mmmm chocolate pudding…
  • Run yourself a bubble bath. Play some calming music, light a few candles, switch off and let the bubbles wash your worries away.
  • Have an early night in freshly washed sheets and make a hot water bottle to make you feel ultra cosy!

I’ll even throw in how to cope with Mondays too! Check it out here!

What’s your idea of a perfect Sunday?





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