7 Tips For Silky Smooth Hair

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Things that will actually work!

As you may know, I only review products that I have actually tried and would recommend. I am always looking for tips to get silky smooth hair, and when I tested Head & Shoulders ‘smooth and silky’ conditioner, I realised it is one of them. Buy it here if you fancy. Not an affiliate link by the way!

Okay so I hate most adverts, as most of the time they are not genuine; and the head & shoulders advert didn’t convince me too much.. But I have to hold my hands up and say – the advert is true to the point and this conditioner really is bloody amazing!!

If you think about it, our hair goes though an awful lot. All the brushing pulls it out, and think of all the heat we put on it; the straightening, the curling and the drying..

It’s a lot for hair to take which is why we really must look after it! ☺

No one wants dry, frizzy hair.. Eugh!! We want smooth, glossy hair! Am I right??

tips to get silky smooth hair

So here are my top tips to get silky smooth hair:

  1. After washing your hair, rinse with cold water (eeeeeeek!! We know it’s not pleasant but it does stop your hair going frizzy when drying)
  2. Use a heat protective serum when applying heat to hair to protect it from damage
  3. Feel free to towel dry your hair but only to stop it dripping- don’t go too far, let the hairdryer do the rest
  4. When brushing tangled hair, start at the bottom as that’s where knots tend to be, brushing from the top down will only cause discomfort and cause the hair to break
  5. Use a hair mask once every two weeks to keep it feeling loved
  6. Get a haircut more often- just a trim to remove any split ends will do, but don’t shy away from the hairdresser
  7. Finish styling your hair with a shine spray to keep your hair looking glossier for longer

What do you think? Have any of these tips worked for you? Or day you have any tips to share? Let me know! 🙂





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  1. Great tips! Especially loved #1. As much as I hate rinsing with cold water would love to give it a try if it helps deal with frizzy hair

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed, be brave and give number one a try! It works 🙂

      1. For sure: )

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