Have You Ever Wondered What Your Dreams Are Telling You?

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Hello lovelies!

I wanted to hear your thoughts on this post as I have had so many odd dreams before that haven’t made sense to me, and before I could find out what it meant I would have forgotten it.

dreamsLately I keep having a dream, roughly twice a week, that I am in a boxing ring, fighting against a guy slightly older than me, and he punches me in the mouth so hard, my mouth fills with blood, and I turn to spit it out of the ring.. The reality of this dream is, I am actually lying in bed and just spitting all over myself, waking myself up and ending up covered in my own saliva. Not the cutest of dreams..

The last time I had this dream was a couple of days ago, and as I woke up I found my hair was covered in my own spit and I had to quickly wash it again before work. Random! I think I know the meaning of this dream though. I used to be part of a boxing club for a several years, in which I used to attend tournaments and win lots of medals and trophies, and I gave it up due to my club getting smaller and the age of the other boxers not being near mine, so it was an unfair match; and I have often thought about getting back into boxing as I thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe the dream I keep having is a warning of what could happen, and a reminder of the injuries that could occur. Or it also could be a fear of getting hurt in life and a worry about trusting other people. Who knows?

So I looked it up and this is what I found:

To dream of boxing represents a struggle to prove yourself. Wanting to prove you are stronger than someone that thinks they are stronger than you. Attempting to prove to someone else that you are a bigger winner than they are. Proving you are strong or proving you are good enough. – dreambible.com

The most common dream I hear of, which I have also had many many times, is a dream of falling. Have you ever dreamt you were falling through the air, and suddenly jolted, waking yourself up and wondered what on earth had just happened?
Yeah that’s pretty common..

To dream of falling, is most likely to mean a fear of losing control, or losing grip on a current situation. So it sounds like we are all in the same boat, and share fears!

A previous version of this post was published on my old blog – laurensaysitall.

Do you ever have any odd dreams or looked not what yours could mean? I’m interested!





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  1. I sometimes have bizarre dreams and always wake up and wonder where on earth they have come from and what they mean! I find the whole concept of meanings behind dreams so interesting and often look up what mine mean too! Great post!

    1. Thanks for reading Grace! It’s really interesting to look into your dreams sometimes 🙂 xo

  2. For some reason I dont feel like dreams mean anything, just a mixture of the things within your subconscious going awry. After all, when you’re dreaming it denotes very light sleep

    1. Hmm interesting view, thanks for reading Sierra! 🙂 xo

  3. I don’t have many recurring dreams, but one I do have is where I’m in a deep swimming pool and there’s no way out, it’s just water. I’ve never looked it up but always thought it was to do with feeling trapped!

    1. Ahh that’s so scary! That does sound like being trapped. Maybe at some moments in life you can feel that way? Why can’t all dreams be nice?! xo

  4. Dreams are interesting. I recently started keeping a log of all my dreams. I find that I have the most vivid ones when I’m going through something in my awake state.

    1. That’s a good idea to keep a log! I’ve never thought about when my dreams occur and now you’ve said it, mine are most vivid when I’m ‘half asleep’ but not fully xo

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