Gender Equality (The Truth)

gender equality

Previously published on my old blog ‘Lauren Says It All’ Men and women have always been led to believe different things. The way they should act, and things they should do. Even how they should feel. For example if a man shows an emotion such as sadness, he may be told to ‘man up’ or […]

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The Cycle Of Christmas Presents

Every year at Christmas we pull our hair out thinking of what gifts to get our friends and family. But if we really think about it, isn’t it always pretty much the same thing? All the offers for them delicious chocolates are out! You grab yourself tins of heroes, roses and quality street.. One for […]

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The 2017 Unicorn Craze


So I’m guessing you’re going to be one of two people. THE TREND LOVER– Who is SO excited about the Unicorn trend and goes all giggly and girly anytime they see ANYTHING that’s Unicorn related. And let’s face it.. Unicorn shit has been pretty much EVERYWHERE lately. & THE TREND HATER– Someone who is sick […]

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Are You Christmas Ready?

christmas ready

A pre-edited version of this post was previously published on my old blog ‘Lauren Says It All’ So I have always wondered about people’s opinions on this.. When is an acceptable time to start your Christmas Shopping? I am super un-organised. Completely last Every year I tell myself that I need to start getting […]

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