9 Essentials You Should Keep In Your Every Day Bag To Become One Organised Chick

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What to keep in your everyday bag apart from the obvious phone/keys..

I tend to find that when heading off out for the day, my everyday bags are ridiculously heavy; and feel like they have 3 bricks inside as well as the whole household. What do we really need to keep in our everyday bag? Probably not our whole make up selection, a variety of different hair products; as well as a shit load of food, bobby pins, you name the rest..

And I couldn’t even name a single item in my bag that would be of any use at all throughout the day. But I KNOW what to keep in your everyday bag..

I once cleaned my bag out, and found old fruit at the bottom, 6 pens, 4 half full packs of chewing gum; and a handful of receipts that I don’t even recall! I was pretty disgusted with myself and couldn’t believe I had let my bag get so filthy. No wonder I could never find anything!

Women tend to hoard at the best of times, but realistically we should keep our everyday bag light, and clutter free!

what to keep in your everyday bag

Here is a simple list of things that are a good idea of what to keep in your everyday bag without cluttering it up:

What to keep in your every day bag:

  1. A pack of tissues – Who wants a runny nose when out and about? Awkwaaaard!
  2. Purse – For obvious reasons..
  3. Portable charger – Could you survive a day with no battery on your devices?
  4. Pain relief tablets – You really don’t want to be begging colleagues for tablets..
  5. A bottle of water – Keep yourself hydrated and energised for the day!
  6. A healthy snack – You never know when you’ll need a hunger boost!
  7. A pen – So you can whack it out when needed (Makes you look more mature too)
  8. Spare tights – How embarrassing would it be if you ripped your tights? OMG NO!
  9. A diary – To check your schedule if thinking about overtime or taking time off.

This really is all you need to typically take with you, when heading out. Yes sunglasses may come in handy if the sun decides to show it’s face; and yes you might get snackish, but you DON’T have to bring the whole of your treat cupboard out with you! And when re-applying make up throughout the day, do you start the whole process from the beginning? Err NO.. Just a few little touch ups do the trick usually, whether its a top up of lipstick, or making your foundation look fresh. Take the BARE MINIMAL out with you! Don’t be so vain! 😉

Now is your bag much lighter and can you find what you need? Excellent!

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What do you keep in your everyday bag? Maybe I’ve missed something!! Let me know in the comments box!





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  1. I never put. Tights in my bag and always end up with a hole then take them off to reveal my white legs lol x

    1. Haha! At least they weren’t hairy! That would be the worst thing ever! x

      1. Can’t even imagine lol x

        1. 😂🙈😂🙈 x

  2. Great ideas! I have most of these things in my bag already, but I think I need to start having water and a healthy snack so I don’t end up eating junk at the office!

    1. Ah yes! It stops us binging on chocolate! At least we have no excuse if our bag is full of healthy snacks! xo

  3. I try to carry only my essentials and not over pack my bag, but honestly, it’s hard. I have a little first aid with me, bag of makeup, wallet, chargers,… There is too much that can be found there. Thank you for reminding me to clean up my bag. Going to do that today!

    1. Tell me about it! I used to carry so much in my bag I could barely carry it! Good luck with your bag clear out! xo

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