ways to spend valentines day if you're a single lady

Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day If You’re A Single Lady

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A list of things to do for the independent woman!

Ladies I know how depressing Valentine’s day is if you’re single. Whilst everyone you know seems to be loved up and your at home on a Saturday night watching Bridget Jones and scoffing a big tub of ice cream to yourself. It’s okay we’ve all been there! There are many ways to spend valentines day if you’re a single lady which I’ll share with you girls..

ways to spend valentines day if you're a single lady

When people ask if you have a boyfriend and you are forced to blurt out NO for the hundredth time, they sort of give you that look. Do you know the look that’s full of pity, as they tilt their head to the side and say:

Don’t worry, you’re a lovely girl you’ll meet Mr Right soon.

Don’t you just want to grit your teeth and say ‘actually Susan, I don’t give a FUCK because I am perfectly happy on my own and I don’t need a man to complete me; so you can get fucked with your pity look, and shove it up your arse!’

Was that too harsh?


Ladies.. Valentines day, is just another day of the year, where people spend a ridiculous amount of money on their partners and go all soppy and lovey dovey for the day. When you are in a good relationship you should be telling your partner you love them every day, am I right?

To hell with it..

ways to spend valentines day if you're a single lady

If Valentines day bothers you there are ways to make the day less depressing:

  • Call up your fellow single girlfriends – have a girly night out! Or a chilled night in with a movie, bottle of wine and some choccy!
  • Whilst everyone’s spending their dosh on flowers and HUUUUGE teddy bears and god knows what else; treat yourself to a new outfit, or get your hair done!
  • Stay off social media, unless the Facebook posts of Valentines presents, and bucket grabbing couples amuse you. Well we guess it may give you something to laugh at
  • Watch a new film, there may be one that caught your eye a while ago and you just never got the chance to watch it? Stick it on!
  • Get cooking – cook a lovely home meal and make dessert, go on give it a go!
  • Don’t feel sorry for yourself!
  • And finally.. Listen to Elizabeth Taylor!

ways to spend valentines day if you're a single lady

I hope this makes the day slightly more bearable for you.. Let me know what you do!





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  1. I loved this one.
    I am surely going to do some of it this year.
    And I totally agree that if you love someone you ought to tell him every single day and not on just one occasional day though for some people it might be just a bigger day for expressing love differently.

    1. We’re glad you enjoyed it! 😘

  2. So have a boyfriend but completely get what your saying!!! It’s all a load of rubbish! We don’t ‘celebrate’ it.

  3. Not a single female but enjoyed the advice. (I think it was the writing. :-D)

    1. Haha thank you very much! ☺

      1. 🙂

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