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Every Girls 21 Wardrobe Must Haves

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So we all love a good variety of items in our wardrobe right? I have tried to cut down on my clothes shopping lately as I always go so over the top and never end up wearing half the items I buy. I’ve tried to teach myself to chuck out an item of clothing if I buy something new. So if I purchase a new jumper I will try to cut off my emotional attachment to a jumper I have never worn and probably never will; but of course will miss because I can’t possibly part with it. This mindset has helped me keep my wardrobe clutter free (at least for a while)

wardrobe must haves

1. Socially acceptable t shirts that are easy to just chuck on if you’re heading out in a rush (no swear words)

I once wore my ‘fuck life’ top to the dentists without thinking and although I got a few giggles, some mothers with their children didn’t seem to pleased in the waiting room..

2. Winter Coat-Duh!

3. Lightweight summer jacket

4. That one go-to cosy cardigan/jumper

5. A loyal pair of jeans (and a couple of back ups)

6. Dressy tops (Because we all want to wear jeans to a nice event now and again, and need that perfect ‘dressy’ top to go with it. Missguided have an awesome section for this!

7. Those killer heels for when you’re OUT out!

8. Comfy flats for when your feet need a break

9. One pair of trainers in case you actually decide to use your gym membership and get exercising

10. An outfit suitable for the gym/exercising in, if the above ever happens!

11. Oversized top/jumpers for when you’re lounging around

I always find cute oversized jumpers on..

12. Comfy joggers for home when you’re having a chill out day

13. A casual blazer to smarten your outfit up

14. Smart work clothes: Shirts/Pencil skirt/trousers either for your current role (Or in case you ever have a change of role/dress code)

15. Winter boots to keep your toots warm and boy how grateful will you be for them in the colder months!

16. Wellies (you never know when you may need them)

17. That little black dress. Your ultimate safety dress suitable for any occasion. Can be dressed up/down and flatters your figure amazingly

We ALL need this! 😉

18. Shorts for the summer

19. One or two nice skirts

20. Back to basics. Several plain black/white tops

21. The in-between clothing for the spring. Clothes that are lightweight but not quite summer ready. See my ‘cheap spring outfits ideas’ post!

What’s essential in your wardrobe?

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  1. My essentials are black trousers, a leather jacket and band/fandom merch!😊 Lovely blog post, Lozza!😊

    Shirley | https://shirleycuypers.blogspot.be

    1. Thank you Shirley! 😘 xo

  2. Love this !! Your wardrobe pre de cluttered sounds a lot like mine. I can’t help but hoard clothes due to my emotional attachment. Here’s to one day having a wardrobe that I can actually close the door on.

    Keeley – http://www.vibeslifeus.com

    1. I know the feeling Keeley! It’s so hard isn’t it! xo

  3. My wardrobe must have are culottes! I have bloody tons of them for this time of year when it’s a little chilly but a little warm because you can wear them with whatever!


  4. julietlylillyrose says:

    Love this! My essential items for summer are distressed shorts and floral/gingham blouses!

    1. Ooh I like your style girl! 😘 xo

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