Things Only An Introvert Will Understand

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I am definitely an introvert. I’d stay home all the time if I could. Personally I find it pure torture to wake up every morning and get ready to go out to work; leaving my comfort zone. Realistically I would love to work from home, and it is my dream that through blogging and social medial work I can make that happen. I order near enough everything online and rarely go to the shopping centre, unless it’s with friends. If I could do everything from home I would. It’s my safe place. My bubble. And when I am not in it I am extremely uncomfortable. Yes I suffer with social anxiety and many other key issues but I can say that I don’t ever see myself being anything other than an introvert.


Fello introverts.. Does this list apply to you too?

1. Leaving a social event to go home and do nothing. Even though you never go out and were actually having a laugh, but you just longed to go back into your comfort zone.

2. Avoiding eye contact with people you just kind of know when you pass them in the street to avoid that awkward small talk.

Oh hi! I haven’t seen you in ages! How are you? Yeah I’m good thanks. What brilliant/shit weather. Okay hahahahahahaha bye!!!

3. Declining a night out because what’s better than staying home watching a film in your cosy pj’s and slippers?!

4. Keeping quiet in conversations with 3 or more people as you get anxious when all eyes are on you, listening to you speak.

5. The mental torture of deciding what to RSVP for an event planned in the future, as you don’t really want to go but feel you may have to.

6. Staring at your phone when someone rings you, as you’re not comfortable speaking on the phone, and would rather text or email.

7. Never initiating small talk with anyone because you’d rather the silence.

8. Keeping quiet when you know the answer to a question that’s asked within a group, as you’d rather keep your opinions to yourself.

9. Turning down plans, by saying you have plans. Plans with laying in bed..

Me myself and sleep

10. You get distracted so easily. Especially when you’re in a group conversation, your mind wanders off and you don’t hear or engage with others.

11. If given the choice, you’d rather sit at the end of a row or the back of the line, rather than in the middle of everyone around you.

12. Actually thinking before you speak as your mind is constantly running so you play everything out.

13. Being overwhelmed at social events and actually losing energy because you’re uncomfortable.

14. People often asking you if you’re okay as you seem distant and ‘in your own little world’.

15. Having a small circle of friends who normally do the meet up arranging.

I’m quite happy being an introvert. I keep myself to myself which is sometimes the best thing to do.

Are you also an introvert? Or are you an extrovert?

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  1. Count me in 😊 nicely written 🌸

    1. Thank you! xo

  2. Omg this is so me! But I wasn’t like this before 25 ! Maybe is just age😊

    1. Haha! I’ve always been a lot older than my real age I guess xo

  3. sineamarie says:

    I am an extrovert but I have a granddaughter who easily fits the description. Thanks for helping me to understand a little better how she thinks and feels!

    1. I’m so glad I could help! It’s great to get a better understanding of someone who is the opposite to you! ☺️ xo

  4. Is it possible to have been an extrovert in your past life & now at a certain age you really think and have introvert ways

  5. Yes yes yes!! Totally get all of this! You have worded it so well for people who may not have understood it before as well! And there definitely isn’t a better place than our own beds hehe!

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