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40 Sweet Little Things Girls Do For Each Other

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You know the saying girls stick together? Well it really is true!

There are loads of things girls do for each other without even realising it. This is why girls become so close, and your friends can end up being like a sister to you; as you are just so comfortable around them, that there’s nothing you would hide. Supposedly if you make it through secondary school with the same best friend then you will be friends for life! Girls can bond very quickly as we tend to give compliments a lot.

I feel like i’m forever saying to my friends ‘ooh I LOVE your hair! That outfit is so cute on you! How do you do your make up so perfectly?!’

And how nice is it to be on the receiving end of a compliment? If you think about it us girls are always boosting each others self confidence by saying nice little things to each other.

Here is a sweet little list of 40 things girls do for each other:

(See if any relate to you!)

1. When your friends hair is out of place, you just fix it for them instead of telling them it’s a mess. It saves time explaining what needs fixing, and you’d appreciate if the favour was returned!

2. Tuck their labels in, if they’re hanging out of their clothing.

3. Give advice on their outfit when you are going out. You’d want to know if you didn’t look good right?

4. Help each other with your hair and make up to make sure they are looking SUPER FLY!!

things girls do for each other

5. Patiently take 945,6789 pictures of them, until you get the perfect shot for their profile picture without complaining!

6. Get to their party ridiculously early without being asked to help them set up, and avoid the awkward empty house situation for them.

The party don’t start ’til I walk in..

7. If you’re out and you see something they will LOVE, you just buy it for them so they don’t miss out.

8. Tag each other in relatable memes. ‘Yepp, this is SOOO us!!’

9. Answer their call whatever time it is and be there for them without hesitation.

20. Share clothes, make up and jewellery to ensure they are looking their best!

21. Make future plans about how great it would be if you lived together, and all the things you would do as flatmates.

22. Always be honest with each other, even if there’s a chance it may offend them.

23. Get them a gift when you’re away on holiday, so they have something for when you get back and know that you thought of them.

True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but NEVER in heart.

things girls do for each other

24. Read through texts from a boy they’re seeing to offer sensible advice.

25. If you find yourself rambling away about yourself for ages; cut yourself off and say ‘oh goodness enough about me, so anyway how are you?’

26. Share a cab home after a night out to ensure they get home safe, and ask the last person left to text when they have got in to make sure they made it home. (We’d only worry!)

27. Comment on each others selfies, saying how hot they are whilst adding a million love heart and kiss emotions.

28. If a friend has done something new with their hair and make up, then you will always notice it straight away and tell them how damn AWESOME they look.

29. If your friend can’t shake off their bad habits, then bring it up every time they do it and moan at them! (Otherwise they’ll never learn!)

30. Always forgive your friends if they’re being moody as we understand we all get hormonal at times.

31. If your friend HATES someone then you automatically hate them too. No questions asked.

You had me at, I hate that bitch too.

32. Never let ANYONE slag your bestie off! It doesn’t matter who it is, if they are badmouthing her, you put them back in their place!

33. Get SUPER excited when you’re seeing them, and count down the hours!!

things girls do for each other

34. If you’re in a club and notice a creepy guy eyeing up your friend, you give them the GLARE so they know to BACK THE HELL OFF!!

35. Ask each other advice, because you will actually listen to it and take it.

36. Pretend to be their lesbian lover if they are getting hit on and the guy won’t take no for an answer.

Back off my woman, bitch!!

37. Make them laugh and take their mind off things, when they are feeling down.

38. Encourage each other when they have a goal in mind, and push them to achieve it.

39. Accept each others relatives as their own, so you have an extended family.

40. Offer to paint their nails or dye their hair for them if they struggle to do it themselves.

Can you think of some things girls do for each other, that you and your friends do? Let me know in the comments box! Send this post to your female friends to see if they can relate!

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  1. Great list! I love the little things my friends and I do to let each other know we care.

    1. Thank you! It’s so nice having good friends isn’t it! xo

  2. haha its great and really swet 🙂

    1. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed 🙂 xo

  3. Ah yes, I love my bestie and know we both do loads of these things for each other. I’m sure we can communicate without even talking!

    1. Aww that’s so nice Tori! Girls always stick together! 🙂 xo

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