Are You Christmas Ready?

christmas ready

A pre-edited version of this post was previously published on my old blog ‘Lauren Says It All’ So I have always wondered about people’s opinions on this.. When is an acceptable time to start your Christmas Shopping? I am super un-organised. Completely last Every year I tell myself that I need to start getting […]

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14 Excuses To Go Clothes Shopping


(If you have to explain yourself) Ladies.. We all need excuses to go clothes shopping now and again, without having to justify yourself and explain why you have spent a ridiculous amount of money on clothes you will probably never wear.. Right? Whether your partner is asking why the hell you need 10 new outfits […]

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20 Things That Piss Off Retail Staff


Written by an ex slave to retail. If you’ve ever worked or currently work in retail, then you will probably understand the hatred you can have towards customers. You just wish they could do your job for a day; to see how much shit you have to put up with. There is a never-ending list […]

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