Totally Awkward Every Day Situations


I’m SUCH an awkward person. Like if you could get an award for awkwardness I would be claiming that trophy! I constantly find myself in those total foot in mouth situations and can almost look see myself and think ‘what the fuck are you doing Loz? Just be normal woman!! Stop being such an awkward […]

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Unhappily Ever After


Hello everyone! šŸ™‚ So if you didn’t know, I used to have a blog called Lauren Says It All which I had for several years. Foolishly I gave it up as I had so many other commitments at the time, I just simply couldn’t keep up with blogging. So after some sad thought I deactivated.. […]

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40 Sweet Little Things Girls Do For Each Other

things girls do for each other

You know the saying girls stick together? Well it really is true! There are loads of things girls do for each other without even realising it. This is why girls become so close, and your friends can end up being like a sister to you; as you are just so comfortable around them, that there’s […]

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20 Things That Piss Off Retail Staff


Written by an ex slave to retail. If you’ve ever worked or currently work in retail, then you will probably understand the hatred you can have towards customers. You just wish they could do your job for a day; to see how much shit you have to put up with. There is a never-ending list […]

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10 Things You’ll Know If You’re Always Cold


The Struggles Of A Freezing Girl If you’re anything like meĀ and are always cold, winter is definitely not your best friend. When you think of winter you want to hide away and count down the days until this horrible season is over. There are many things you’ll know if you’re always cold and will read […]

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16 Things To Survive Winter + Winter Essentials Ā 


Winter essentials.. We all need them! Check out my guide to surviving the winter + my recommended winter essentials! Brrrrrr!!! Are you winter girl or a summer girl?Ā If you’re a summer girl then winter isn’t to your liking. And without your winter essentials, this time of year really sucks for you. IĀ can see why you […]

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Monday Motivation- Tips You NEED


Because we all need some motivation! Oh yeah, IĀ said it.. The dreaded M word.. I can almost seeĀ people burying their head in theirĀ hands, wandering how to get through Monday tomorrow. But it’s okay, IĀ can help! Let’s make your Monday a bit less hair pulling shall we? Here’s a sprinkle of motivation for you.. 1. The […]

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