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There is a message that I feel I need to share with you ladies..

To put it short. Darling you’re not crazy! I want to share some support for girls who struggle with their emotions from time to time, or are going through a bad time.

Mental health is such a huge deal, and more girls are being diagnosed with a mental illness now than ever before. Women are hormonal. Fact. That’s just the way we are made. Our moods can change very quickly, and we can feel like no one else can relate to what we are going through, or what’s in our head. This has led young women to feel like they are abnormal and have confided in a doctor about their feelings. Always try to confide in someone close to you to get things off your chest; and remember to offer your own support for girls who need it also.

Let me tell you first of all..

It is perfectly normal to have a change of emotions and feel like you are yo-yoing with your moods. If our mood always stayed the same then we would be abnormal!

Mental health is serious and it can wrongly change the way people look at us. It’s not right to be judged for it but unfortunately even in this day and age some people still do.

By all means, if you are or have been diagnosed with a mental illness, then doctors can advise you greatly. Counselling, medication and support groups are available and you should grab all the support you are offered!

The message I want you to take away from this post is – You’re okay.

More people have mental health issues than you realise! You’d be surprised who else is suffering, around you.

You’re not abnormal, however strange you feel. You are beautiful and even if you can’t express your emotions the way you would like too, it’s okay. You may know where the root of your problem lies and have already found a way to deal with it. If you have that’s great! Just remember that you haven’t been given a ‘label’ and you are no different to anyone else. You will find a way to get through it; it just takes some learning and time to get used to it.

I promise that it won’t be this way forever.

There will come a time when you feel at peace with yourself and you won’t even notice when it happens.

You will start loving yourself the way you are and the negativity will start to fade away.

And you will realise that in actual fact. You ARE normal. Everyone has their own demons that they hide away and don’t show to others. Everyone thinks they are different to everybody else; but how do we know? We never will and it’s alright.

Live your life the way you want too and don’t worry about not fitting in with any ‘stereotype’. You weren’t born to be a copy.

Why not think about making someone else’s day, and offer your own advice and support for girls you may meet? Let’s all come together and lift each other up!

Go be you girl!

If you suffer with anxiety however mild or severe;  I would recommend reading my post on anxiety coping methods! It works for me. It could work for you too!


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  1. Preach it! Such a beautiful post and message!

    Jessica & James | /

    1. Thanks! You said it sister 🙂 xo

  2. This is such a good post! I think I needed to hear this! Although my anxiety (or maybe it’s perfectionism) is extremely mild, it is important to remember that we are normal.


  3. kindcultureuk says:

    Amazing post! I try my best to speak out about mental health as much as I can too! I feel that I can relate to this so much. The concept of “normal” really needs to be re-evaluated.

    1. Thank you! I feel like I constantly bang on about it, but it is so so important to raise awareness and I cannot stress enough that no one is alone in this! Thanks for reading 🙂 xo

    2. Thank you! It’s amazing how many people think a change of emotions makes them ‘different’ no two people are the same and it’s important to embrace our differences! xo

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