The Perfect Spa and Fitness Holiday

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Fitness vacations and spa holidays are all the rage lately. It may seem strange that, after weeks of continuous and monotone work, we’d like to get moving as soon as we have a bit of time off. But it’s really not that odd seeing that most of us sit in an office all day. A week filled with achieving your workout goals, soaking in mud baths, and stretching all day is just what the doctor ordered.

No matter what you have planned this summer, whether you’re staying at home or jetting off abroad, you should squeeze a few of these spa and fitness tips into your schedule. Not that it should be that busy, though, you’re on holiday, after all.


Start each day with something healthy

Alright, you might be slouching away your time at the beach by 2PM and probably dancing the night away by 2AM, but the first hour when you wake up can still be fairly healthy. Start by eating the right kind of food rather than skipping straight to the cocktails, do half an hour of a low-intensity exercise such as yoga, pilates or a quick jog and you’re good to go.

Besides from helping you to look awesome throughout your vacation, you’ll have a lot more energy for later in the day. It’s the kind of stuff that makes a difference when you’re trotting through various markets or all of those museums during the day.

Have an actual spa day

Treat yourself to one day of healthy indulgence – it’s totally worth it. You can allow yourself to skip that morning exercise and head straight to the spa in the hotel you’re staying or find one in the city you’re in. Places such as Marriott’s Fairway Villas offers spa treatments to all of their visitors – or you should consider trying a treatment you’ve never had before, such as visiting a fish spa or getting a hot stone massage.

Both of the above are things I really want to try but have never got round to doing yet

Vacations are all about trying something new and refreshing your mind, so an entirely new spa experience could be exactly what you need. Spent all your holiday money on shopping and fancy meals? No problem. Set up a spa camp at your balcony or similar and make some face masks. They are just as easy and satisfying as they were when we made them as teenagers.

Trust me..

Beach workouts

A good way to stay motivated in terms of workout goals while you’re on holiday is to mix up your routines; and by all means, don’t push yourself too hard. It’s all about keeping it fun and having a holiday that you actually enjoy, so do the kind of exercise routines that inspires you to keep going. The beach is a great place to do this; go for a run, do a sand-circuit workout, and jump into the ocean right after.

Or why not do your entire workout in the water? It’s super good for your muscles, bones, mind, and everything else that comes with it and you’ll be perfectly relaxed afterward.

I’ve tried this once before and my goodness it was knackering! But felt so good after!

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