September Glossybox Review!


Why hello there..

So I think subscription boxes are seriously awesome. You can personalise your subscriptions, and get awesome little treats to your door every month, from anything from food, to gadgets, to beauty! I mean hats off to whoever puts these ideas together and sends them to you!

New best friend alert!

A surprise beauty gift box delivered to you every month is like every girls dream; so of course I wanted to sign up to the most popular beauty subscription service!


After signing up it didn’t take long for my box to make it’s way to me. I was pretty excited as this was my first ever Glossybox! After subscribing to Birchbox a couple of months ago, I have decided to join Glossybox too, as I was debating which subscription service to sign up to first, and then I thought FUCK IT! Subscribe to both! They’re only a tenner each a month!


It was packaged in a cute pink box, and inside I found my beauty treats wrapped inside pink tissue paper, tied with a cute black bow.

(I could hardly stand taking a photo of the unopening before getting it open! I get VERY excited with surprises!!)


The first thing that caught my eye was the Kinder Bueno. I mean, every girl loves beauty! But chocolate? COME ON, IT’S THE BEST!! Plus Kinder Bueno’s are one of my favourite types of chocolate bar, so that was demolished within 10 seconds of me laying my eyes on it.

It was interesting to see the silicone blender in there as I had thought of buying one for a while to give it a try but just never got around to it, so I was pretty pleased to find one!

I had never heard of Cetaphil before so was excited to try their Healthy skin trio pack! It came with three steps:

  • Step One is a Cleanser which I used instantly as my skin has started to break out and spots are popping up like a game of whack a mole! (BOOO!!!) And it made my skin feel really nice and fresh!
  • Step Two is a moisturiser which I used after cleansing to make my face all soft and lovely! 🙂
  • And Step Three is a moisturising lotion for your body which was awesome to use just after a bath and before putting my cosy ‘Jim Jams’ on. So this trio was a real treat for me!

Hi Glossybox! I’m Lozza.. I LOVE YOU!

The spectrum brush was a nice addition as I had received a Spectrum brush item in my Birchbox so to have a different brush from the same collection was cool as I really like them!

Moving on to the banana setting powder. It looks/smells awesome but I haven’t tried it yet.. (How do you use setting powder?? Eeeek. I know nothing!! Someone help?!)

I like the ‘Firming Fiji Facial Oil’ as I suffer with dry/sensitive skin and that’s the skin type this product was for. It felt like I’d just had a facial after using as my face felt tight so I’m hoping if I keep using this it will help prevent me getting wrinkles when the dreaded time comes!

At first I thought the brow tamer would be a waste on me as my eyebrows have been semi permanently tattooed on, due to hair not seeming to grow in that area. (Don’t worry I am proud to say I am no longer a member of the thick drawn on ‘slug’ gang! Sooo not cool anymore..) They’ve been done awesomely by a semi permanent eyebrow specialist and I see her every 6 months for a top up! The hairstorkes are done individually so they look ultra real and defined! If I do say so myself.. Ahem. But this brow tamer was good to use on the tail of my eyebrows, where there is actually my real hair! YAY! And it kept them in place and was a good ‘tamer’!

Last but not least the ‘Suede Lips’ lip crayon. It came in a deep burgundy colour (which is probably my favourite shade for lipstick!) My lips felt moisturised and creamy when wearing it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour!

So yeah, I’m so glad I FINALLY subscribed to Glossybox! I’m a very happy girly! 🙂

Fancy a Glossybox yourself? Sign up HERE quickly and easily, and by using this link you will receive your first box  for only £8 instead of the usual £10! And I get some Glossypoints!! WIN WIN!

Let me know what you think girls! 🙂


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