September Birchbox Review

Apologies for the delay with posting this week guys, been a hectic week!

Anyway I’m going to review my September Birchbox today! For those who missed my last Birchbox review I’ll give you a quick brief.. Birchbox is a monthly subscription service where for just £10 a month you get 5 beauty products delivered to your door every month! It’s pretty damn awesome!


This is the second Birchbox I have received (Check out my first Birchbox review here!) and I love it! It’s like Christmas has come early! 🙂 I get SOOO excited when it comes as I love opening it up and seeing what surprise goodies I have got!

Here’s what I got in this months box:



  • A Dr. PawPaw multipurpose soothing balm. This can apparently be used on lips, skin and cuticles. I have tried this on my lips when they have been a bit dry from the cold weather and it moisturised them nicely.
  • An icy magic instant eye contour energiser, which I tried under my eyes to help remove the bags. It was cool and soothing so I’m happy with that!
  • The arrow boost colour enhancing lip balm. The product itself is handy and does the job! But if I’m honest I love products with a slight scent to them, and there was no scent to this one, but hey, it’s not the end of the world!
  • A Mannakadar beauty powder for bronzing/eye-shadow. I am OBSESSED with bronzers and blushers at the moment as I have such pale skin, so it’s nice to add some colour to my cheeks!
  • And last but not least a Beauty Protector protect and detangle spray which is a godsend! My hair is SO flipping thick it’s ridiculous and after numerous cuts and making my hair a lot shorter it still gets so bloody tangled! Grrr, so yeah a detangle spray is PERFECT for me!


If you fancy signing up yourself up you can do so by clicking the picture below!





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  1. Ohhhh I love the dr pawpaw balm! Brilliant on my lips! X

    1. It’s not bad is it?! xo

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