How To Start A Blog

Your ultimate blogging guide that will answer all your questions! (Well most of them I hope) So you’re thinking of starting in the blogging world? But do you even have the faintest idea of how to start a blog? I mean.. Where do you start right?! There’s probably like a million questions running through your head right …


Essential Blogging Tools To Save You Time

The equipment you need that will save you hours per week!! & they’re FREE! Blogging has become so popular, and has led into full time jobs for successful bloggers. It takes time maintaining a blog; writing posts, sharing your content, engaging with your audience and SO many more factors! This is why we have written this …


How To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

I’m here to show you how to SEO your blog effectively! So you’ve started a blog, have great content and a great plan in place; but your blog just isn’t getting any views.. You’ve heard of SEO but don’t really understand it. Don’t worry it’s no surprise! When I first started I didn’t know WHAT I was doing …


Why Your Blog Is Failing (& How To Fix It)

Handy tips for frustrated bloggers! There are many reasons why your blog is failing such as: People aren’t commenting on your posts Your target audience just aren’t viewing your content No one is sharing your content There is a high bounce rate (people viewing your content for a minor amount of time and then closing …


Things To Remember If You’re A Blogger

When you need a blogging boost and your blogger-vation back (Yeah I just made that word up..) Blogging is pretty popular right now, and it’s no surprise people feel a lack of motivation from time to time. There are tons of successful bloggers, and you can often feel like you have no chance of getting there, as …


The BEST Blogging Platforms To Monetize Your Blog

+ Affiliate Networks There are so many successful bloggers out there and many that have managed to turn blogging from a hobby to a full time job. It may seem impossible, but there are so many bloggers out there that have proved with dedication and commitment that you CAN do it! There are loads of …


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