What To Write In A Card To Make It Personal


How to make a card personal & why it’ll make you popular! I don’t know about everybody else, but to me the card is the most important part of the gift. The words in the card, the meaning behind it and that warm feeling that makes you smile. Especially if someone has written in their own words; […]

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20 Things Girls Say VS What They Actually Mean

Things girls say vs what they mean & why most men think women are hella crazy..  Ladies let’s be honest.. When it comes to men, things girls say vs what they mean are two VERY different things; as us women can be confusing creatures. We are not simple and can be annoyingly difficult. It is hard for men […]

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22 Things Your Mother Used To Say To You


A little list of 22 things your mother used to say to you. How many have you heard before? Do you ever look back at your childhood and think about the things your mother used to say to you? It seemed like anytime you said or done anything, your mum would come back at you […]

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9 Essentials To Keep In Your Pain Relief Box


A handy little list of things to keep in your medicine box. So we all have one of these right? A box full of tablets/things you need when you’re ill. Normally full of plasters, paracetamol etc… But do you have specific medication for when you really are unwell? There is a wide variety of things to keep in […]

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5 Lies About Your Own Body


(Should we believe everything we hear?) There are things we hear every day which has started to make us question what’s true and what isn’t. There are many lies about your own body which we just believe because we’ve been told so, and it’s what everyone is saying. Always check the facts before believing everything you hear. […]

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14 Excuses To Go Clothes Shopping


(If you have to explain yourself) Ladies.. We all need excuses to go clothes shopping now and again, without having to justify yourself and explain why you have spent a ridiculous amount of money on clothes you will probably never wear.. Right? Whether your partner is asking why the hell you need 10 new outfits […]

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