October Birchbox Review


It’s Birchbox review time!! So I received my lovely little box in the post which I was super looking forward too after a long and stressful September. Every month the design of the box is different, and as always I was loving this months design with the mix of pink and purple!


So inside this months box I received… DRUMROLL PLEASE…

  • Pure Skin Face Wash
  • Mega Lash Mascara
  • Grab Your Melons Shower Gel
  • Nuxe Moisturiser
  • Dry Shampoo Paste


I was reallyyyyy happy to see the mascara as mine has come to it’s end and I needed to buy a new one so YAAAAAY! It works great and makes my lashes look long and defined so what more do you want?

I always love trying out new face washes as I feel it is so so important to look after your skin, especially keeping the blemishes away from your face! I was intrigued by the 99% natural ingredients but this product was really kind to my skin and left it feeling pretty clean! The smell was nice too 🙂

The Dry Shampoo Paste confused me a tad if I’m honest. I mean.. A paste?! Dry Shampoo. In a paste.. Okay then.. So on my non hair wash day I used it before work and I have to be honest with you, it didn’t work for me. It was hard enough to get out of the tub and then using it on my roots just seemed to make my hair feel funny and add to the grease. On the plus side it smelled awesome! But I wouldn’t use it again.

The shower gel made me instantly LOL as it said ‘Boob Tube’ & ‘Grab Your Melons’ I mean that’s funny right?! It smelled pretty damn good!

I used the moisturiser on my face and neck after using the face wash and my face felt really smooth and lovely, YAY!

So overall yet again I am happy with this months Birchbox!



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