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So I’m not totally obsessed with make up like a lot of girls are; mainly because if I’m honest I’m pretty damn useless at using it. MUA is good for me as their products are great for people on a budget and I can try different products without spending a fortune.

I can just about put foundation on and a bit of lipstick without it looking too disastrous!

So here’s why I like MUA products:

Most of their products are a shocking £1! And I certainly have no complaints!
They range from foundations, to eye shadow, to nail varnish, to lip gloss and many many more must have items!
Recently I went in to Superdrug (See my Superdrug post HERE!) as they offer a great range of their products. I purchased their Pro Base Complexion Foundation Kit, and was extremely surprised with the results!

I have always had combination skin, and have found it really hard to find a foundation that compliments my skin. In all honesty I never wear foundation. I only wear it when I am going out for the night and want to look my best; so I needed a foundation that worked for me. I would rate this product an 8/10.
It’s creamy texture, blends evenly over my skin, and I can barely feel it when it’s on.

I like this product so much, that I contacted MUA to share with them my thoughts on the product; and agreed for them to share my review on their website.


This brings me to their blusher & bronzer range. I always wear a light pressed powder that they sell. Normally I then use their bronzer to dust over my cheeks, which gives them a healthy glow.
I recently tried their blusher; and I can say in all honesty I have never worn blusher before, so didn’t know if I would like it or not.
I chose the shade ‘candyfloss’ as it looked the right shade for me..
After buying it, I can say that I will definitely be using it in the future!
I can’t believe that I haven’t tried blusher before, and am definitely loving this one.

I also use their chocolate brown eyeliner.
Sometimes I do wear the jet black, but if I just want to use a more subtle eyeliner then I go for this.
I chose their shade 4 mascara, which is a dark brown, which together with the eyeliner works really well to make my eyes stand out, without being too dark.

I have nearly every colour of their lipstick that they do..
They’re only £1 each! Why not?




Nude, fawn fancy, pouty pink, peachy keen, scarlet siren..
Their all perfect for any occasion!
Also I have recently bought their ‘Out there plumping lip gloss’ which stays on for hours! And makes my lips appear fuller and glossier!


I then finish it all off with a dab of their Pro Brow Kit; to sharpen up my eyebrows and fill them in.

This range shows that make up does not have to be expensive; and you can look good on a budget!
For those of you who have not tried the MUA range, they have definitely got my vote! And I encourage you all to try their products!





This post was originally posted on my old blog ‘Lauren Says It All’

Oh and by the way.. No there are no affiliate links and this is NOT a sponsored post. Just my genuine, positive review!


Check out their official site here.





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