20 Memories Of An All Girls School

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Did you spend your secondary school years at an all girls school? If the answer is yes then you’ll know that it will have it’s good and bad points.

At first it seems GREAT as in primary school you found boys utterly gross, and couldn’t wait to get rid of them; but in actual fact, when 30 or so girls are shoved together in a classroom, their inner bitch seems to show itself. Who’d have thought girls would be SOOO bitchy!? It could be a nightmare with all the gossip and rumours that go around. It makes you wonder, if boys were around if it would get so bad? Boys fight and argue of course they do, but surely they can’t bitch as much as we do?

Here are 20 things that bring back memories of an all girls school, see what you remember!

1. You are yet to successfully master all the words to Mean Girls, although you certainly know most of the phrases.

2. You have learnt the art of rolling your skirt. Not many was brave enough to just cut the length itself, so rolling was a major action that all girls did to make their skirts a lot shorter.

3. Your bra was the PERFECT place to store your phone throughout the school day. Well where else would we put it?

memories of an all girls school

4. The male teachers never clocked on that you would use the period excuse every week to get out of class early, or for some other reason.

5. It was rare to actually enjoy P.E so you’d try to bunk it every lesson. Be it a forged note from your ‘mum’ or pretend it’s that time of month already.

Who needs to be fit and healthy aye?

6. The end of the day bell would ring and you would all rush to the toilets to re apply your make up, fix your hair and cover yourself in Charlie body spray, so you look good for the boys from the local school when you meet them.

7. If you did come on your period whilst at school there was no shame. Just let everyone know you need a tampon and they will be thrown at you in all shapes and sizes.

memories of an all girls school

8. The hierarchy was based on how rebellious you were and who had the latest items.

9. If you ever needed to bring a project in, you would save all your Jane Norman or River Island bags just for this occasion. Of course we can’t be seen carrying a Morrison’s bag!  *Shudders*

10. Getting up in the middle of class to pull up your tights was socially acceptable; even though you flashed your vajay-jay in the process. Can we not do it now? Oh..

11. The first year of secondary school, you would obsess over having the best stationery. This means having the best pencil case in the class, coloured pencils; and not forgetting smelly gel pens you all had to have!

Who’d have known that stationery could be cool?

12. If there was a male teacher who was half decent looking he immediately became the one you all fancied and wouldn’t stop taking about.

13. A rumour would spread as fast as a blink, and people would bitch you out endlessly. Most of the time it weren’t even bloody true!

14. You would rush home to log onto MSN and get talking to that boy from the other school. If he added your name to his status and out a little heart next to it, you knew it was true love..

15. Breaking up with that special person was awful and would end in you locking yourself in the girls toilets whilst your friends comforted you.

memories of an all girls school

16. If you were given a detention, (more impressively an after school one) then you were a badass. And would be worshipped.

17. If a fight broke out between two girls it would look like a scene from a wrestling fight. You would definitely not have thought they were that strong.

18. Buying cheap hair extensions were what everyone did. It’s a shame no one knows how to put them in properly and not let the clips show..

19. You and your best friend couldn’t walk anywhere without linking arms. You were TWINS, and people would rarely see you apart from each-other.

20. If you can survive school with your best friend, you will be friends for life.

memories of an all girls school

What are your memories of an all girls school? Share them with me! Next up, read 40 sweet things that girls do for each other!





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  1. Love this! I went to an all-girls school too and did a list which has some different things on it to yours https://rachaelstray.blog/2017/10/15/20-things-you-only-know-if-you-went-to-an-all-girls-school/

    1. Haha brilliant! 🙂 xo

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