How To Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

I’m here to show you how to SEO your blog effectively!

So you’ve started a blog, have great content and a great plan in place; but your blog just isn’t getting any views.. You’ve heard of SEO but don’t really understand it. Don’t worry it’s no surprise! When I first started I didn’t know WHAT I was doing and how to get noticed online. I’ll show you how to SEO your blog and get the maximum impact!

First things first.

Understanding the importance and meaning of what SEO actually is, will become HUGELY beneficial to you. At first it can seem like a never ending maze, where you just go round and round in circles with no noticeable results.

SO! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The reason it’s so important as it’s a factor that decides where you rank across search engines. You’ll know yourself, that when searching for something in Google for example; how many results show up? Exactly.. LOADS!! SEO is crucial for your business as it determines how far along the chain you rank. Still with us? Okay, so say you search for ‘fluffy bunny rabbits’ (I don’t know..) a HUGE list of results come up right? Page after page of articles, that you can choose to click on.

The first few results are usually paid adverts. This means the people behind that post has paid to have that post plonked at the very top of the page, making you more likely to click on it. Unless you’re extremely bored, and have already read through all the results, it’s unlikely that you’re going to keep clicking through the search engines pages. 9/10 you can find what you’re looking for within the first page of results. Content that appears on the first page means that there is VERY GOOD SEO behind it; it didn’t just show up first by accident. A lot of work went into it to put it there. Increasing the probability of someone clicking on your post and being directed to your blog.


I’ve not bored you yet have I?

Before I tell you how to get your blog SEO ready, let’s look at some other reasons your blog may be failing..

There is a number of reasons that your site isn’t getting any traffic such as:

  • Your site isn’t easy to navigate
  • It’s not easily readable
  • There isn’t a good use of imagery
  • No share buttons are included within posts and throughout your site
  • The sign up button isn’t noticeable enough
  • The content isn’t interesting enough
  • There is no clear aim
  • Readers have no place to comment
  • You are not making the most out of social media
  • You are not researching important keywords
  • No specific target audience group is identified

Would you ever stay on a site if you had no idea how to get from page to page, and NOTHING stood out to you? Didn’t think so.. That’s why it is so important to spend time on the above factors just as much as SEO!

how to seo your blog

Anyway, boring bits over, here’s what you came for!

NOTE: Anything I have recommended below is from my own personal opinion. I have not been paid to mention any sites or programs, I’m just sharing my honest opinions with you and trying to help! 🙂

  • The ABSOLUTE BEST SEO software we have come across is Yoast SEO! If there was a blogging god, then this would be it! If using WordPress for your blog (Why wouldn’t you be, its AWESOME?!) Then you can easily install this plugin, and get started straight away! It tells you how readable your post is, allows you to edit meta descriptions (the text underneath your page title which displays in searches) and uses a traffic light system, showing the bad SEO issues in red, things that need amending in amber; and of course the great bits in green! This plugin TRULY is awesome! After getting use to using this plugin for every post, you’ll be knowing how to SEO your blog in no time at all!
  • Knowing you’re keywords are essential! Keywords are the phrases search engines pick up on, when people are looking for something in particular. You can use your main keywords, in your title, headings and in the body of your text. Search engines will pick up on these keywords, so make sure they are used correctly! If you really are serious about being a successful blogger than this is KEY in knowing how to seo your blog!
  • Optimise your images! When using any images in a post such as a featured image, or just adding them throughout your content, then you will have the option to add ‘Alt Text’ you normally just skip that and just upload it don’t you? NO NO NO!! Use your keywords in the alt text, increasing the chance for search engines to pick it up!

That’s pretty much it, to make your blog SEO friendly. Yes, it’s only 3 steps, but 3 VERY important ones! Make sure these steps are applied to every blog post your write, and DO NOT publish without ensuring this has been followed correctly! If needs be, check back on this post every time your write new content to ensure you NEVER miss a step!

I hope you learnt a thing or two from this post! Remember I am trying to help you grow your blog, whilst I am also learning! So please share this post if you found it useful! I really would like to teach you how to seo your blog, as I know how hard it is to start off with.

Oh if you’ve skipped a step and haven’t even began starting your blog yet. Check out this post!


NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links which means I’ll earn a bit of commission at no extra cost to you of course! 🙂 Read more about it here)

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