Loreal Hydra Genius Aloe Vera Water Review

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The liquid care- Normal to combination skin.

Review Time! ūüôā¬†Loreal Hydra Genius Aloe Vera Water

So this is a surprise review! It’s a surprise because I came across this little treat by complete accident; as it was a sample that came with the June 2017 issue of Cosmopolitan!

Loreal Hydra Genius Aloe Vera Water

I’m always looking for new beauty products to try, as now I have FINALLY conquered my spots! (Check THIS post out if you haven’t already!) I can now use products on my spot-free face, and really enjoy¬†the¬†difference! Of course I have used Loreal products before, (especially their moisturisers) but had never actually noticed Loreal’¬†Hydra Genius Aloe Vera Water in shops or advertised before; so I was pretty excited to try it out!

The first thing I do when I get home is take my make up off and wash my face. That goes without saying. To be honest with you I really don’t like the feeling of wearing make up, and am always conscious of it. I must touch my face so much throughout the day, as by the time I get home, my foundation has all rubbed off. Plus I find¬†clumps of mascara under my eyes. How unattractive! So removing a days make up is HEAVEN¬†to me!

After I enjoyed a glorious bath, I applied it thoroughly to my face (I HATE wasting samples, so always use every last drop!) and to my surprise it absorbed quite quickly! Which is great as I hate a sticky face!

I tried to focus on applying more around my nose, as I find that’s wear my skin gets the driest. My skin felt radiant and totally refreshed. It was like a mask of glowing hydration.

I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror (vain much?!) as my skin felt so damn AWESOME! I didn’t even want to put make up on, or make my skin look better, as this product made my skin feel and look flawless.

Loreal Hydra Genius Aloe Vera Water

So to sum up.. I would totally recommend trying Loreal Hydra Genius Aloe Vera Water!

If you fancy trying the Loreal Hydra Genius Aloe Vera Water, you can purchase it directly HERE. (Not an affiliate link, I just REALLY recommend it!)





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