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Get the most out of  YOU days with these 15 top tips!

We spend so much time with our partner, colleagues, friends and family; that sometimes when we have time to ourselves, we just don’t know what to do with it! Do you ever get that? We look forward to having that chill out time sooo much, but what do we do with it? You end up spending so much time thinking about what you’re going to do, you end up exhausting yourself and throwing the whole day away. So much for spare time..

You think to yourself ooh spare time and it’s all for myself! Then you end up just pottering around not knowing what to do with it..

If you have enough notice that you’ve got a free day then you can plan it effectively. Remember this is a day for you and YOU only! Do whatever you wish with it! 🙂


If you want to know how to have the best YOU day in your spare time, I have some ideas:

1. Spend the day de-cluttering! Helping to keep your home organised not only makes your home look super tidy and well kept but it gives you a mood boost, and surprisingly makes you feel pretty damn good about yourself! Clear out your cupboards, clean your home from head to toe, give all unwanted clothes/bags/shoes/accessories/books/electrical items (you get the picture) all to charity. Do your good deed for the day, and not only are you helping yourself by creating more space and a tidier home, but you are donating it all to charity, which is a very generous act! Might as well kill two birds with one stone aye!

2. If you’re a movie buff, then have a sofa day! Plonk yourself infront of the TV with your feet up, plenty of snacks and a decent selection of your favourite films! Would you have any regrets on a day like this? Nahhhhh!

3. Cut out any distractions, such as work calling you by putting your phone on silent, and only checking it every so often. Nobody wants to be bugged on their day off!

4. Treat yourself to something! Buy that bag you’ve had your eye on for ages, or book in for a massage or hair appointment! Go shopping and have a browse!

5. Pamper yourself! Yes I bang on about this a lot, but a truly good pamper session makes you feel like a million dollars.

(Ways to pamper yourself can be..)

  • Doing your nails
  • Having a long bath
  • Exfoliating your body
  • Cleansing your face
  • Applying a face mask
  • Having a pyjama day
  • Using a foot scrub
  • Shaving your bits and bobs
  • Drink detoxing smoothies
  • Or the complete opposite to our last point and indulge in chocolate or your secret treat
  • Having a lay in
  • Conditioning your hair or using a hair mask
  • Tanning yourself
  • Making arts and crafts
  • Taking new photos
  • Lighting scented candles and listening to music

6. Go for a walk. Clear your mind and refresh yourself by taking a stroll on your own. Walking can genuinely de-stress you, just by being out in the fresh air and taking in your surroundings. There’s no harm in trying!

7. Vist your favourite place for the day, such as the beach or your favourite shop! The world is your oyster..

8. Make a scrapbook. Go through all your old photos and stick them in, labelling what was happening that day.

9. Watch a new TV series. There’s always new ones coming out, try something different!

10. Decide on your goals and ambitions and work out what you have to do to achieve them. Having a plan set in your mind gives you something to work towards, and a sense of accomplishment when you get there!

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable

11. Try a new hairstyle. Never have the time to try something new? Now’s your chance! Look at YouTube tutorials and play around with your hair to find a new style that really suits you! Or why not have a change of colour?

12. Learn something new. Is there a skill you wish you’d picked up, but have never got around to it? Try it today! Whether you want to start learning a new language, or take a course to widen your skills. It’s always good to learn something new!

13. Try out a new recipe! You have the whole day ahead. Get out your cook books out and be brave! What’s to lose? (Don’t think about the house burning down!)

14. Write a bucket list. You’ll get round to them someday.. Right? Give yourself some hope, and set some achievable goals that you can look forward too! 🙂

15. Watch a film from your childhood. Alice In Wonderland & Peter Pan are my favourites! It’s nice to be reminded of your younger years by reminiscing your best memories!

Download my FREE ideas guide below!:

Something I’ve missed that you’d like to share? Drop a comment below! 🙂


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  1. Me time is so important! I’ve had to work harder to keep my me time since I became a mom 8 months ago, but it is worth it. Definitely need time to recharge every now and again. Great list!! 😀

    1. It really is! Aww congratulations!! 🙂 Sounds like you definitely need a bit of you time now and again then! xo

  2. I think I should treat myself to a spa day! Thank you for this. I usually spend me time sleeping or watching anime. I spent alone time at the beach a few times and it was so relaxing. But seriously…i need a spa
    The Girl on the Tamarind Hill

    1. Spa days are the BEST! 🙂 Beach days are awesome too! Let me know if you manage to have your spa day! its worth it! xo

  3. Washing my hair is definitely classes as me time!

    1. Aww no! The life of a mummy? I guess you time is rare aye, worth every minute though? 🙂 xo

  4. Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing! Will try them out. 😊

    1. Thank you 🙂 Hope they’ll be of some use to you! xo

  5. The last one’s the best – watching a film from your childhood. I always end up watching the Sound of Music or Ben Hur.

    1. It’s SO nice isn’t it! Makes you feel like a kid again 🙂 xo

  6. Adepoju Grace says:

    This is so hip and interesting. I’ll love to try this out on my free day. I love the part where I get to see an old movie. Coming to America will be just fine.

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