How to Deal With a Problem at Work: A Guide for Introverts

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Hello my fellow introverts!

If going to work wasn’t already hard enough for you, having a problem when you get there can make it almost unbearable. If you are an introvert and suffer with social anxiety, any small issue at work can be magnified by your stress; and quickly get blown out of all proportion.

For introverts, navigating an issue with your colleagues or figuring out how to solve any other problem can be much more difficult than it is for extroverts. Not only do you tend to overly blame yourself, but you are probably making a much bigger deal out of this than it is worth.

The key to successful interactions for you is preparation. So, here are 3 situations you might get into and how to solve them without the stress.


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You Feel Uncomfortable in Meetings

One of the worst things for introverts is having to speak to lots of people at once. Being at the centre of attention is just the worst and as you feel your skin prickling and turning bright red all you can think about is that what you are saying is total trash.

Though there will always be times that you suddenly find yourself being asked an unexpected question, in general, you can prepare for meetings before hand. Ask your manager for some more details about the meeting so that you can think about any contributions you might like to make. This is a proactive way to prepare and might even impress your boss too.

You Are Sick More Often than Other Colleagues

Everyone’s immune systems are different and some people suffer more than others! The problem is that given your shy temperament, your manager might assume that you are skiving rather than genuinely sick.

In the vast majority of cases, managers should act professionally about employee sickness and understand that your sickness cannot be helped. Your company should also have a policy to help sick staff members return to work. If you are worried that your company or manager is not acting properly you can get employment law support to help with the situation.

If you think you might be ill more often because you are stressed in your role, it could be worth discussing other options; such as flexitime or working from home to improve your health and therefore your work.

You Feel Like You Don’t Belong

Another horrible feeling at work is imposter syndrome. This is where you feel as though you shouldn’t be there and at any point could be found out. It is a surprisingly common feeling. Especially amongst high-achievers – and given that the workplace has changed so radically, not all that surprising.

The thing to remember is that everyone has this feeling occasionally. As long as you do your best, this is all that can be asked. Making a list of the reasons that you should be there might also help for example: you are qualified, you passed the interview, your boss liked your last project etc. This should help calm you down and let you get on with the rest of your day.

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  1. Great post! Some really good topics covered! 🙂

  2. i can relate to a lot of these and your advice is great! I am glad i read this post x

  3. These are such great tips that I imagine so many people could benefit from. While I’m not an introvert it does take me a while to warm up to people and get comfortable sometimes so I’ve definitely experienced these feelings a few times in the past x


  4. I recently started a new job and I totally feel like I don’t belong. Hopefully that changes soon – thanks for sharing this entry. Really helped a lot 🙂

    cabin twenty-four

  5. I completely understand impostor syndrome, I get it often and with both work and my blog!- x

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