The Key Secrets To A Healthy Relationship

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How to have a healthy relationship.

Because sometimes in life you need to work on the things that matter to you.

NO relationship is perfect, let me tell you. Maintaining a healthy relationship is only as hard as you make it. Things can be so much simpler if we allow them to be. We’re now in 2017, and all I seem to see on social media is that so and so have broken up again; or someone is constantly in new relationships. It comes down to the simple fact that relationships don’t always seem to last long anymore.

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Whether it’s down to just settling for someone that you know isn’t right for you because you don’t to be on your own; or you think that you can change them. If a relationship isn’t right, it isn’t right. Sometimes no matter what you do it will never work out, and that’s when you have to accept things that way and move on.

If you’ve been in a long term relationship with your partner, it can still take work to maintain a healthy relationship. If you’re in a relationship you should be happy, comfortable and look forward to your future together!

healthy relationship

Here are the key factors you need to remember to make the best of your relationship with your partner:

1. Communicate. Sounds simple right? You’ll be surprised how many couples there are that do not communicate properly. A lack of good communication can lead to confusion, frustration and arguments. (Trust me I know) Remember to communicate, and let your partner know when you’ve made plans or have changed something to keep them informed, as remember a lot of things you do will affect them too.

2. Spend quality time together. If you and your partner live together (see post here on things that happen after couples move in together!) it can be so easy to spend every night in together with the same old routine. Go out for a meal! See a film, or think of something new to do. Spending every night together at home is ideal for a lot of people, but after a while it can make you quite irritable. Find something new to do together, or a new place to go and enjoy each others company. (I’ve got some ideas over on this post if you want to check them out!)

You can’t rush something, you want to last forever.

3. Following from my last point: also remember to have some time to yourself as well. I’ve always found that being in a relationship can make you lose your independency (through no deliberate fault of your own) as you are so used to having your other half there, you may naturally become dependent on them. Have a day/night to yourself now and again to do what YOU want to do. Watch your favourite film, go out and see the girls, have a pamper evening (see this post for tips!) Being in a relationship with someone shouldn’t mean that your old habits go out of the window. Remember to keep true to yourself and do the things that make you happy or you can end up becoming resentful towards your partner and blaming them for feeling like you have missed out. A healthy relationship is all about being yourself and not changing each other for the wrong reasons.

4. Compliment each other. If you like what they’re wearing or they’ve tried something new with their hair, tell them! This will boost their confidence, and what’s better then making your partner smile? I find complimenting someone builds trust and a healthy relationship as it shows you’re not a jealous person and are honest.

Talk like best friends, play like children, argue like husband and wife, protect each other like brother and sister.

5. Be loyal. Don’t badmouth your partner to friends and family as they will remember the bad things you have said and it will change their judgement towards them. If you are going through a bad patch and confide in others, remember it may just be a bit of a rough phase you’re going through and it won’t last forever, so when things do get better they will remember what you said when things were bad. Put yourself in your partners shoes. If they had badmouthed you to their friends and family, think how awkward that would make you feel when you see them. No one would take your relationship seriously or think you had a healthy relationship if you are constantly badmouthing them.

6. Small gestures go a long way! Ladies, has your man ever bought home a bunch of flowers for you, without reason, just because? How happy did that make you feel? Let your partner know that you think of them, when you’re out and about and see something you know they would like, treat them! Surprise them with a little gift and see the look on their face and the reaction you get.

healthy relationship

Never leave a true relationship for a few faults. Nobody is perfect, nobody is correct, and in the end, affection is always greater than perfection.

7. Don’t bottle things up. If something is bothering you then tell them, don’t make them play the guessing game or be forced to drag it out of you. Be upfront and tell them what’s on your mind so they can either offer support or make amends with you. Clear the air before the situation gets too intense and awkward. If you keep things that upset you to yourself then you will hold it with you for a long period time and bring it up in an argument that is completely irrelevant; which will confuse your partner and they’ll ask why you didn’t mention said point at the time. No one is perfect and anyone who says their relationship is, is telling a porky or two. Everybody argues, that’s what couples do! That’s how you sort out your differences and resolve any issues that are causing distance between you.

8. Make allowances. Don’t hit the roof if they’re home later than they said they would be, or have done something slightly out of the ordinary. It’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t happen on a regular basis. Take a breath, and make allowances now and again; I’ve found that the key to a healthy relationship is to always put yourself in their shoes before you react.

No relationship is all sunshine. But two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.

9. Make an effort for them. If they ask you to do something you don’t really fancy doing such as meeting family or running an errand; make the effort to do it. They’ll remember that for the next time you ask them to do something for you, and return the favour (hopefully). Also if you go out for a meal together, because you are so comfortable with each other you may feel like just chucking something on and not bothering with your hair and make up. Get dressed up for them once in a while and keep that spark alive!

healthy relationship

Any other tips to share? Comment below and share them! 🙂





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  1. Great tips! I love the images you added as well, it made it visually appealing 🙂

    1. Thank you so much ! 🙂 xo

  2. good ideas! I am blessed to still be married after 31 years and it gets to be easier as the years go by. We never tried to change each other, but supported each other in our self-development projects and efforts. And we always say “I love you” before falling asleep – even when we are 2000 km apart! Thanks for sharing yours.

    1. Thanks Syls! 🙂 Your marriage sounds like every couple’s goals! Amazing 🙂 xo

  3. lupiemama says:

    These are really great tips. I feel like I ought to print this post out to give to newly weds.

    1. Glad you enjoyed! That’s an awesome idea, I think every couple should go over this now and again! xo

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