January Subscription Box Reviews-Glossybox & Birchbox

So I thought I’d start putting my Glossybox and Birchbox review into one post so you guys can see the difference between the two.

So I’ll start with this months Glossybox..


I was so happy to see this Beauty Beneath 60 day supplement as I think it’s INCREDIBLE value for money, when you consider you only pay £10 a month for a box! And you’re getting a 60 day supply plus all the other goodies! So yeah, I was over the moon to see Glossybox including this! It’s said to help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, and considering I’m only 23, hopefully I don’t need to worry about that tooooo much just yet! Although I do get lines around my mouth as I am forever smiling (when I don’t have my usual resting bitch face!)




I have rarely if not never used primer before. I’m clueless at knowing what products to use to make my make up looking it’s best. I tend to just use the same things and hope nothing ever changes! That’s why I love these subscription boxes, because it gives me the chance to buy products that I normally wouldn’t have looked twice at in a shop. So after reading how to use it (thank god for Glossybox’s list of what’s included in each box and how to use them!) I used as part of my morning skin/make up routine before applying my foundation and it left my skin feeling moisturised and looking fresh. Sometimes when I apply my foundation it can make my skin appear quite dry so it was nice to avoid that from happening! P.S I would recommend exfoliating first!




Apologies for the blurry photo but this is a nail and cuticle energizer by Nail Medic. At first I was drawn to it by the purple/pink ombre colours that the product was, inside it’s matte bottle. Upon opening the bottle to try out on my nails I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet citrus smell. Most nail products I have used in the past have that strong acetone smell which is quite nasty, so it was nice to smell something pleasant for once! I use this before applying nail varnish and it makes my cuticles look a lot better than they did originally so I’m happy with this!





I hate leaving bad reviews but I really didn’t like this product 🙁 I was expecting a moisturiser with a tint of blusher in, to give your cheeks a rosy glow and it seemed quite the opposite. The product came out a deep peachy/coral colour which shocked me and even after using the teeniest bit and applying to my cheeks, I looked like a clown gone wrong.

*Throwback to the secondary school days where us girls used to where foundation 4 shades darker than our actual skin colour; because we were all still learning how to look grown up! (And that’s okay!)*



And my favourite product of this months box is the Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil by Dr Botanicals. First up it smells gorgeous! Like really it smells AMAAAAAAZING! If only they made a perfume that had the same smell as this, I would wear it all the time! It comes with a dropper top, and it says to squeeze a couple of drops onto your fingertips and apply directly to skin; but this is near enough impossible. It just ran down my hand after several attempts of trying so I use a little on a cotton wool pad and apply to my face quickly before the wool absorbs it. My skin has this awesome glow to it afterwards and feels so ‘kissable’ as some would say. I’m tempted to buy more of this and start using this product regularly! And if I’m honest it’s mainly because it smells so blooming good!


If reading my Glossybox review made you want to sign up, you can do so HERE! And you will receive 20% off your first box  as a thank you! Alternatively you can use my exclusive code ‘LAUREN-RGV’ at checkout 🙂

Now for my Birchbox review..


I was in need for a new night cream as I have majorly slacked on my skincare routine before bedtime so this night cream came in handy! It makes my skin feel really soft, and there is nothing better than going to bed feeling cleansed and moisturised!







I love the colour of this Lord & Berry crayon, its like a rosy blush colour and is super girly. I wasn’t really sure where to use it so I tried it on my lips and it gave me a nice girly pout. I wouldn’t know where else to use it, as I haven’t really used crayon products other than eyeliner and eyebrow pencils before, so that’s as far as my venture goes!





This is a make up removing cloth and OMG it’s sooooo soft and hot pink, so what’s not to like?! You just wet it and voila! You can remove your make up with just the cloth. It even worked when removing my eye make up without any hassle so I love this handy little item! I have washed it 3 times since receiving it and it has gone back to being ultra soft every time.





I used this Sugar Texturising Spray on my towel dried hair and after drying I noticed it had more body! It smells nice too 🙂 It gave my hair a beach look which looked great but I didn’t really like the texture it gave my hair. To touch it was a tad greasy, so I wouldn’t use this all the time.






It’s always handy to have eyeliner around. I have several in my make up & beauty drawer! Although I have not tried this one yet I look forward to testing it out when the time comes.





I am obsessed with stickers! My laptop is completely covered in the most random of stickers and I like to put them in my notebook when I’m making plans for my blog. So as you can imagine I was really excited to find a sticker sheet included in this box!

And there’s flamingos!!!!!





It’s a tough one to call, but I would say that this months Glossybox was my favourite as it exceeded my expectations! (The beauty tablets and the facial oil really won me over!)


Please note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you sign up to any of the brands mentioned, I earn a tiny commission (at no extra cost to you) but hey! It also means that you save money by signing up through my links!





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  1. The green tea primer sounds interesting, as does the oil! It looks like you got some pretty good stuff x


    1. Indeed! Great boxes this month! 🙂 xo

  2. The Dr Botanicals Moroccan Food rose oil is my absolute fave, not only does it smell incredible but it also does wonderous things to your skin and most importantly keeps it hydrated. Which is something that my skin lacks all the time..

    Lovely blog Hun, very well thought out.


  3. Thank you for sharing this post, I love subscription boxes.
    I think that my favourite products that you got were the flamingo stickers (massive stationery fan) and the Lorde and Berry Crayon.

    I would love it if next time you made the photos a little bigger- I can’t always see them very well.

    Rachel | creativityandcrazy.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Rachel! The stickers are so cute aren’t they? Thanks for your feedback! I’ll make sure I upload the images larger so they’re clearer next time! ☺️ xo

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