Essential Blogging Tools To Save You Time

The equipment you need that will save you hours per week!! & they’re FREE!

Blogging has become so popular, and has led into full time jobs for successful bloggers. It takes time maintaining a blog; writing posts, sharing your content, engaging with your audience and SO many more factors! In this post I’m sharing my own personal essential blogging tools, that I couldn’t live without!

MORE and MORE blogging tools are being created every day and it’s hard to choose which ones to try out.

If you want to blog professionally then this takes time; and you have to set aside hours to dedicate to your blog, so you won’t fail. As long as you have the dedication, motivation and time saving tools, you can do really well and your blog can succeed!

When running a blog, you should share your content across a variety of social media platforms to gain visibility and organic reach. Sharing alone is an essential blogging tool; and below I’ll show you the app I use to share content effectively!

essential blogging tools

A good use of imagery goes without saying!

Have you ever seen a  successful blog post shared without an image? Probably not.. That’s because a well designed image will catch your readers eye, and make them want to click on your post to find out more! Why would people want to read something that doesn’t draw them in? Text alone won’t do the trick, thats why an image will grab their attention straight away, and give them the chance to read your description; before they decide whether or not to click on your post. Images ARE an essential blogging tool!

If you want the most out of your blog, you’d have set up different social media accounts that all link to your blog and your content will be promoted across them.

The main social networking platforms I suggest you share your content across are:

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+

Of course there are WAY more social media platforms out there to share your content, but these are the main ones, that will benefit you the most; especially when starting out.

The mistake most bloggers make when starting up, is they try to master ALL platforms at once. Unfortunately it’s pretty impossible to be a complete guru at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ all at once. (That’s the mistake I made!) Focus on one thing at a time. Build followers on one network at a time, so you can really concentrate on engaging with your target audience for their most used network. For example if most of your followers come from Twitter, they won’t want you to keep sending them over to Facebook to see your updates and shares. They want you to send the posts to their most used network, so it’s there for them to see, without making an effort to search for it!

essential blogging tools

Here are the essential blogging tools I use to manage my blog and turn into a social media pro!

  • Hootsuite – Oh Hootsuite how I love you! The free version, allows you to add up to 3 social networks! And allows you to schedule your posts in advance. I have added my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles to Hootsuite, and use them to share a tweet/post and an image across all networks at once! It’s pretty snazzy, and you can imagine how much time this saves!
  • Canva – This handy little app, creates STUNNING images for you. There are different size options to choose from e.g. Facebook cover, Instagram photo, Pinterest image etc.. Just choose a design, add your text, tweak it a little and share! Lifesaver!
  • Old content re-share -If you’re using a self hosted version of WordPress having the content re-share plugin can be an ultimate lifesaver for you! Connect with your social media accounts, and let the plugin do the rest of the work for you! It digs out your old posts and automatically re-shares them for you! This ensures your posts don’t get forgotten about (especially after all that hard work you put into writing it!)
  • Hashtagify – This nifty little website, shows your what #hashtags are most popular, and show you popular hashtags for your specific niche! Using the correct hashtags in Twitter enable you to gain MAXIMUM exposure!
  • Tailwind– Heard of it? I can’t believe I ignored everyone saying how great Tailwind is, before I started using it.  I thought I’d try it out two months ago and I am now hooked. You can schedule loads of pins in advance to ensure they gain MAXIMUM exposure and it saves you SO much freaking time! P.S If you sign up here you will get $15 (£10.65) off!

These are the MAIN five essential blogging tools I use to get the most out of blogging. These have saved me time and allowed me to concentrate more on writing new posts, without worrying about maintaining old posts, and spending a load of time creating good visuals.


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