DIY Home Manicure In 8 Easy Steps

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(For the girl on the go)

Girls always like having nice nails right?

Having plain uncared for nails can make you feel less feminine and self conscious. But going to a salon can be so expensive, not to mention time consuming for a simple bit of self grooming.

Yes its lovely getting your nails done by a professional, but there are so many reasons we’d rather give ourselves a manicure! (Who doesn’t love a bit of DIY beauty aye?!)

  • As previously mentioned there is the expense to consider
  • It takes more time to go out to the salon and you can be waiting around
  • Some people don’t enjoy the awkward ‘small talk’
  • Nails take a lot of maintaining, and if you know how to do it yourself,  you’ll save yourself a lot of dosh! And can do your own nails to your standard
  • If a nail chips/breaks you can quickly fix it yourself, rather than travelling back to the salon (AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!)

You might as well do a DIY home manicure if you know how!

Here are 8 simple steps to get your nails looking glam without the expense!

diy manicure


  • Remove any excess nail polish with an acetone free polish remover. This is so much better for your nails and won’t damage them!
  • Using a typical nail file, shape your nails how you like them. Be it square, rounded etc…
  • Use a cuticle trimmer to get rid of hangnails safely and pain free! Please please please don’t pull them as they can bleed and it blooming hurts!
  • Use a nail strengthener such as one from the Sally Hansen range (They’re very good!)
  • Paint nails in your desired colour, whilst of course praying to god that you don’t get any on your skin.. Don’t worry if you do, its easily removed!
  • Let your nails dry naturally and then apply a top coat to lock the colour in and give your nails a glossy finish.
  • Remove any polish from your skin using a cotton earbud and a drop of nail polish remover.
  • And finally, finish off with some cuticle oil to soften your skin, and some hand cream.



How are them nails looking now? Manicure looking good? If this little guide worked for you, please share! Let me know what you think in the comments box!

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Joleene Moody

I love Sally Hansen products. I’ve been doing my own manicures for a while now. Saves me money! And I’m a control freak, so…. 🙂


I loved this post! I have somebody who make my manicure, I use acrylic nails long time ago so I go every 15 days for maintenance and color change 😉


Just had a mommy daughter spa day last week! I did this and they loved it!


I’m so bad at doing my own nails! I’ll take this advise and try it again! Thank you 🙂


You and I have the same nail routine, haha! Although I’ve been needing some tips on best practices to prevent excess nail polish on my fingers, any pointers?


DIY Home manicures can save you a bunch of money! I know some people who would pay just to have the things listed here done. However by all means its nice to be pampered at times. But I am a diy type of girl