The Cycle Of Christmas Presents

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Every year at Christmas we pull our hair out thinking of what gifts to get our friends and family. But if we really think about it, isn’t it always pretty much the same thing?

All the offers for them delicious chocolates are out! You grab yourself tins of heroes, roses and quality street.. One for him, one for her. Oh I’ll grab another couple in case I’ve missed anyone out! And you receive so many identical tins from people, you may as well have just bought a tin for yourself! Then comes the bottles.. Wine, spirits, and beer for the men! You tell yourself that you can never have too many bottles over the Christmas period.

I’m bound to have people round soon after Christmas, if we’ve managed to save a bottle, then we can crack it open another night!

Don’t forget about the bath sets! Oh goodness! I probably receive at least 15 bath sets every Christmas!

Oh, we’re not saying that you smell, but we thought it was a lovely gift, so you can soak in the tub after a long day..

Hmm, but I have received an awful lot.. Are you trying to tell me something? This brings me to the scents! Perfumes, aftershaves.. They’ll last you years! What can I get dad this Christmas? He liked that David Beckham aftershave, let’s get that! What would mum like? She liked that Chanel scent I bought last year! I can’t go wrong if I get it again. And then it’s Box-sets galore! Oh my friend loves this show! I’ll get them the Boxset, they’ll have hours of entertainment!

We can always add the personal touch of course. Give someone a bath set, and that watch they really wanted. Or for your sibling, give them a box of chocolates or sweets and get them that game they’ve been talking about.
We overspend on chocolates, alcohol, bath sets, boxsets, perfumes; and then realise it’s all the same old stuff from last year, and every year before that.

What I have started to do is hunt for personalised and sentimental gifts, so I can give my nearest and dearest something that’s meaningful to them. I often like to create my own cards either from scratch or from using Moonpig, and also photo gifts to show them that you really care.

The gift I most remember was when my friend made me an a3 framed collage which had pictures in it from over the years and quotes that we came up with plus memories we have shared. It really meant the world to me and it is something I will never forget.

Is there something special that you do for your loved ones at Christmas time?

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I really liked this post! I totally agree about what you said about all of the generic gifts people give and receive. Bath sets are nice, but not from 10 different people. I like to give more personal Christmas gifts, especially to those closer to me.