How To Be Body Confident This Summer

We should all be proud of our bodies no matter what size or shape they are; or what flaws we might have.

That being said, when it comes to bikini season, many of us could use a little more confidence; and there is nothing wrong with wanting to look one’s best on the beach!

If you do lack confidence the good news is, there are lots of things that anyone of us can do to look better in our bikinis.. Some of them are so simple that there’s no reason not to give them a go…

Choose Stripes for the Bottom

A lot of women totally avoid stripes because they think that they make them look bigger, but actually, if you choose striped bikini bottoms and pair them with a plain top, they can make you look slimmer and your waist smaller than it actually is for an effortless hourglass look. (Interesting right?!) The key is to find stripes that accentuate your curves and work with your body, which might mean a little extra shopping, but it will be so worth it.

I love a mix and match bikini!

Perfect Your Posture

It’s amazing how much better you can look in your bikini simply by standing up straight. When you slouch, your belly can look far bigger than it actually is, (even if you’re the skinniest person in the world!) and apparently simply by standing tall you can produce a similar effect to the one you would get by visiting the liposuction sydney clinic, (worth a try?) although it won’t last quite as long! As a side benefit, when you stand tall, you appear far more body confident; and sometimes self-confidence is all that it takes to look better in your bikini because let’s face it, there is nothing more attractive than a confident woman.

I’m a nightmare for slouching. I have such a terrible posture, and can’t sit upright on a sofa for longer than two minutes without ending up sprawled across it.

Wear a Hat with a Wide-Brim

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A wide-brimmed hat is a statement piece that will draw the attention away from your body so that if you have any flaws that you would rather people not see, you will feel far more comfortable, and as said above, the more confident you are, the more inspiring you’ll seem to others.

I never used to be a hat person. Now I don’t go to the beach without one!


Bronzing your body with a little self-tan will give you a healthy glow and help to hide any little flaws that you’d rather gloss over. More than that, if you do a little contouring – this Tantouring tutorial is good – you can accentuate your muscles, slim down your frame and ensure that you look even more amazing with very little effort, too. Having a sun kissed glow can be really effective when it comes to being more body confident, and my friends agree!

I strongly believe that you should learn to love your body the way you are. Personally as comfortable as I am with my body now, I find a little bit of that bronzing magic gives me a super confidence boost!

Wear Minimal Makeup

You might love makeup, but when you’re hanging out on the beach, it’s best to keep it simple because water, sand and makeup aren’t exactly the best of friends. Apply a little waterproof mascara, and some BB cream if you need it and keep it natural. Oh and Put Your Hair Up!

Its so uncomfortable when you’re all sweaty and it mattes and sticks to your neck. Bleugh! Also I don’t know how women can wear a full face of make up on the beach. If I attempt to, it’s melted off within 5 minutes and all the pride I ever had in my appearance goes straight out the window and I’m reaching for the make up wipe!

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If you wear your hair up when you’re wearing a bikini, your neck will be on show and this will have the effect of lengthening and leaning out your body. It’s also a lot easier to deal with a messy bun than unruly beach waves! Just make sure that you apply lots of lotion to your neck. (A lot of people forget that area!)

Most important of all, smile!

Want to share your story with me? Drop me a comment below and tell me if you’re body confident & proud! 🙂

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Collaborative Post – This post is a guest post which means I have received a small commission for sharing this article. Although I did not write the majority of this content, it is something that fits in with the niche of this blog and I have added my own twist to it.

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  1. 💖 Great tips. Yes, I am body positive, especially after a couple of pool side cocktails. 😄Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice tips, I have always been self conscious so this will help a lot

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