awesome female performers

10 Live Female Performers That Rock!

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I’ve always loved my music, whether it’s rock or pop I’m open to different genres. I’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube lately as I love watching covers of songs on talent shows or auditions; or live performances from great artists. This led me to create a playlist ‘Awesome Female Performers!’

As my blog is female based I thought you guys would love to hear the playlist too so here it is!

awesome female performers

1. Stacie Orrico- Dear Friend

Whatever happened to her? I remember listening to ‘There’s gotta be more to life’ on repeat until I was sick of it. I really like her music. The song she’s singing above was where I felt an instant connection to her through the music. She wrote this song for her friend who was ill, and at the time I was battling with anorexia. I didn’t have anyone to open up and really talk to, so hearing this song was incredibly emotional to me and the words made me feel less alone. This is such an amazing and effortless performance and she has an undeniable talent.

2. Zhavia The Four Contestant- Multiple Songs

I had never watched ‘The Four’ before but I clicked on this video out of curiosity, as someone had made a video with all of Zhavia’s performances so I thought I’d see what they’re like! OMG this girl is AMAZING! Man she can sing! I can’t believe she didn’t win the show, but seriously just click play.. Oh and her Cardi B cover is out of this world! (Actually, every song is!)

3. Unknown The Voice Contestant- Can You Feel My Heart

I love the original song by Bring Me The Horizon, and she put a whole different spring on it and I loved it!

4. Unknown The Voice Contestant- Smells Like Teen Spirit

You don’t often hear of female rock stars but I absolutely love this cover of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’; this girl has got an amazing pair of lungs! I keep rewatching this video.

5. Daria Stavrovich- The Voice Contestant

Okay, so this woman genuinely scares me. She’s quite terrifying and even scared the judges too! But my god that voice!!

6. Lady Gaga- Do What You Want

Are you freaking KIDDING ME GAGA?! WOW. This is just simply beautiful and just wow.. How anyhow can play piano and sing like this is just amazing. Her vocals are so incredible it’s unreal.

7. Hannah (London Grammar)- Wasting My Young Years

Hannah’s voice is just so unique and beautiful. I could listen to her voice for hours on end it’s hypnotising.

8. Beyonce- If I Were A Boy

Another flawless and beautiful woman and performer. Queen B sure knows how to put on a show that’s for sure! She’s such a good entertainer as well as performer because she never seems to get out of breath! Queen B keeps coming back and hitting them vocals, whilst dancing and just being a total goddess.

9. Ariana Grande- Covering Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing

Ariana is an actual angel. I think she has endless talent and this tribute is so touching. Also she seems like such a lovely, genuine girl. Girl you’re awesome!

10. Last But DEFINITELY Not Least- Amy Lee (Evanescence)- My Immortal

I’ve always been a fan of Evanescence for their unique style and breathtaking performances. This being one of them. Amy Lee’s vocals are so unique and I have never heard anything similar to her. The eeriness to her voice brings me goosebumps!

awesome female performers

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So what do you guys think of these awesome female performers? Who’s your favourite?

awesome female performers




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  1. You should check out Lacy Sturm, she used to front Flyleaf but is solo now and epic af

    1. I’m so sorry I missed your comment! 😓Thank you so much for sharing! ❤️ xo

  2. I just watched the Evanescence video and it reminded me of my weekends spent in rock clubs, love it! Amy Lee has an incredible voice. Thanks for sharing Lozza, I’m off to watch the others now 💖 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Ahhh she’s hypnotising isn’t she!! 😍😍 Sorry for the ridiculously late reply by the way! xo

  3. I love this list. Seeing Beyoncé in concert must amazing.

    1. I know right! She’s an actual goddess! xo

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