birchbox review

August Birchbox Review!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Birchbox, they offer awesome monthly subscription boxes full of 5 personalised beauty products suited to you.

And the best part?? It’s £10 a month!

It’s literally like giving yourself a surprise present delivered to your door every month! You never know what products you’re going to get, which is why you can personalise your Birchbox account to describe your hair/skin types so the products that are sent out will be picked specifically for you!

birchbox review

I like to think I am pretty up to date with social media and hear about the latest trends. For the past few months it seems all I have seen is bloggers reviews on subscription boxes (mainly Birchbox). So this month (August 2017) I decided to see what all the fuss was about and headed over to Birchbox to take a look at how the whole thing works.

After spending no more than two minutes on their site, I had clicked the sign up button. Why? The images and the product descriptions said it all.

I LOVE buying beauty products. See my post HERE which expresses my love for Superdrug! But I always I find myself getting lost when it comes to buying beauty products, and stick with the same thing until it stops selling. (I’m not very adventurous when it comes to putting things on my skin, as my face is prone to flaring up at the WORST times!)

So I have just received my first EVER Birchbox and I was pretty excited to see what was inside.


It was delivered in a cute little pink box, and when I opened it I fell in love with the gorgeous mermaid print on the box itself.

I love all things mermaid, so yeah the ‘Mermaid Vibes’ theme for the month was perfect for receiving my first Birchbox.

The box opened with a drawer, and inside my 5 surprise beauty products were:

  • A FULL SIZE Spectrum make up brush
  • A 50ml bottle of Palmers coconut oil body lotion (WIN!! I LOVE THIS STUFF!)
  • A 30ml bottle of Merci Handy hand cleansing gel
  • A 37ml bottle of Oribe beach wave and shine spray
  • And finally a Loc one and done shadow stick in ‘out of your shell’

birchbox review

I could tell that Birchbox were excited to be able to offer a full size Spectrum make up brush in this box, and after receiving it i can see why. It’s super soft and the colours are awesome! I didn’t know which brush to choose as it came in glam clam (as shown) and bomb shell. I literally could not pick what one I wanted as they are both super cute, so I went for the SURPRISE ME option! How genius is that? If you fancy you can get the set Here: Spectrum Collections Marbleous 7 Piece Eye Set

Do I really need to review Palmers coconut oil body lotion? You MUST have tried it at some point, but if you haven’t and you want sweet smelling moisturised skin then just try it okay.. You’ll see.

The Merci Handy gel made my hands smell surprisingly nice. Normally with sanitisers I find they have a really strong alcohol scent and can dry my hands out, but this product actually made my hands smell really good!

Now I haven’t tried the shadow stick yet, but heck it looks pretty awesome and I love the colour, so next time I go out for the evening I will give it a go!

I was happy to see a hair product in the box as I am USELESS when it comes to hair styling and never know what to buy. The beach wave and shine spray is handy for creating a tousled look on the go. I sprayed a little onto dry hair and went a little bit crazy with the ol’ tousling (I might have looked a tad mad) but I achieved the look I hoped!


Inside the box there was also a welcome leaflet which explained what the products included were and how to use them, which is great for someone like me who needs a step by step guide to almost EVERYTHING.

birchbox review

I think it’s safe to say that I am SO GLAD that I finally subscribed to Birchbox, as I no longer have to waste time browsing through products I know nothing about; I will get 5 surprise items delivered to me every month, and again.. It’s only £10. I couldn’t be happier!! 🙂

Thanks Birchbox! 🙂





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