Are You Christmas Ready?

christmas ready

A pre-edited version of this post was previously published on my old blog ‘Lauren Says It All’

So I have always wondered about people’s opinions on this.. When is an acceptable time to start your Christmas Shopping?

I am super un-organised. Completely last Every year I tell myself that I need to start getting everything sorted earlier and not keep leaving it to the last minute! But I have never changed.. I will get the odd couple of Christmas presents at the end of November, and the rest is bought in December! I always leave everything to the last minute and then hate myself for it..

My partner and I have made a deal this year and stuck to a budget as we always spend waaaay to much on each other! I think most couples do though, you tend to get all the boring bits and essentials for them, then maybe something big that will be the main part of the gift; and then overspend on smaller products, and just keep buying more and more.. It’s terrible but so easy to do!

I refuse to go shopping from November onward.. I literally will not to go to a shopping centre between November and January due to all the chaos and how busy it is!! Everything is done online, and I mean everything! When I used to work in retail, working over Christmas was hell! All the sales, the late nights, and the early mornings. And I mean finishing at midnight some nights, and starting at 5 some mornings. Whenever the shop closed, us workers would still be there 3-4 hours later, tidying up all the mess the crazy shoppers and bargain hunters have made. It’s so not fair.. Well thank god I am not in retail anymore!!

Is it over yet????

I think I should ideally start shopping for Christmas gifts in October so I can make sure I an almost ready, but somehow always leave it to a couple of weeks before Christmas..
It’s not always the smartest idea with delivery times, and having all that expense in one month!


To save you shopping around, I have put together the following list including links to sales I have come across:

Missguided – Their sale is up to 60% off!! YASSSSSS!

Boohoo – They are offering up to 50% off EVERYTHING until December 20th, and a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer on pyjamas in a bag. So get in quick!

Prezzybox – Heard of it? They offer really cool unique gifts, and personalised items!

Boux Avenue – You get 10% off if you use the code: BOUXTEN

christmas ready

Some tips I have come up with (although I haven’t actually followed any of them this year) include:

1. Putting £5 a week away in a tin so I have a decent budget to do my Christmas shopping with.

2. Writing down anything I hear my friends/family say they want in the months building up to December, and getting it to save for a Christmas present for them. SURPRISE!!

3. Looking out for offers throughout the year and save coupons/hunt around for good deals to save some pennies!

4. Shopping for wrapping paper/cards a month or two early to ensure I have a choice from the best selection, before shops are raided, leaving shelves empty.

5. Making dates with family and friends and adding them to my calendar to make sure I haven’t missed anyone out and get to see all my loved ones around the festive season.

6. Keep decorations to put out every year, and add several new additions each year to keep my home looking awesome and Christmassy!!

7. Put my Christmas tree up on the 1st December every year so I have the whole month to enjoy the Christmas vibes!

TIP: Christmas decorations can help you get into the Christmas spirit, so the sooner you put them up, the happier you will feel!

8. Have a major clear out beginning-mid December to get rid of any unwanted shit I have, and make room for any additional bits.

9. Buy different sized batteries, as there is nothing more annoying then getting a new gadget or the kids getting a toy that doesn’t come with the required batteries. Keep ’em topped up!

10. Make a list of anyone I want to give a card to so I don’t miss anyone out.

If this plan works hopefully next year will be a calmer build up to Christmas for me!

When do you start your Christmas shopping,and do you have any ideas to share to make sure you’re organised for the big day?

christmas ready

PLEASE NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links which means I earn a very small fee if you make a purchase through one of the links provided. But don’t worry you won’t pay a penny more! See full disclosure here.

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  1. I absolutely adore your writing style. I admire the candidness and transparency.
    I am a completely last minute type of person, myself. I always end up hating myself for it later and screaming inside my own head things nothing short of “You know you should have started sooner! Now look at you!” [cheesy smirk face] Oh, well, next year I’ll be more advanced & on the ball. Right? No. That’s the lie we tell ourselves because we’re in the nuisance of buying everything last minute; we never truly begin any earlier. Maybe a gift here & there, but the majority will be just the same: last minute.
    Thank you for the tips. I will definitely be putting a few of those to use. (Because I actually do want to stop lying to myself about becoming less “last minute”…)

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