9 Accessories Every Girl Needs This Summer

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With summer knock-knock-knocking on your patio doors, it’s time to add a few summery touches to your dressing table. Yeah. We’re talking about accessories that will be absolute must-haves this summer, whether you’re heading to the beach, the pool, the park or a festival this warm season.

1. Sunny Disposition

When the sun is out, nothing is going to make you look cuter, hotter or more standout than a pair of cute sunglasses that perfectly compliment the shape of your face. It could be aviators, jeepers-peepers, thick frames, oversized lenses or geometric stunners. So long as you feel a million bucks when you pull them down your nose to look at that special someone, what else matters.

2. Stroll In Sandals

Nothing says summer vibes more than a pair of super-cute, strappy, bohemian sandals. Forget about boots being made for walking; sandals are the only way to make an entrance come summertime. Pair them with your favourite short-shorts, bodycon dress or midi-skirt – sandals are subtly sexy.

3. Headbands For Life

The most stylish thing you can wear come summer is an effortless look. The kind that suggests you rolled out of bed late and still managed to look this good and the easiest way to pull that off is by pulling a headband over your lightly tousled locks. It’s the best look ever.

4. Shades Of Pink

Nothing says summer like a perfect pout and light pink lipstick. It’s the ‘kiss me’ look that no one ever gets bored of. It’s the shade that will compliment your sunkissed skin like no other. Winter is for dark tones. Summer is for pink.

On Wednesday’s  Everyday we wear pink!

5. Geek Chic

Summer is the perfect time to pull off the geek chic look, and that means celebrating your inner nerd by tossing the contact lenses away and pulling on a pair of thick-rimmed glasses; (there’s some you can get from Glasses 2 You for women if you’re interested) Now all you need is some socks to go with your frock, a pair of Oxfords and a collared blouse, perfect.


6. Sandy Toes

The best feeling ever is curling your toes up in the warm sand as gentle waves wash over your feet. So why not make this moment a thousand times prettier by painting your toes a gorgeous colour. After all, it is sandal season.

7. Wonderful Watch

When the sun is out and you are strutting around in your cutest (but smallest) outfit, you have to sacrifice space to pop your phone, which is what makes a cute little watch so important. It’s not just a style piece, it’s practical too.

I’m aware of how silly this sounds, but when I wear a watch I actually feel smarter and more confident. How peculiar..

8. Bracelets Galore

While summer is all about delicate and simple necklaces – something with a penchant and slight chain; you get to decorate your wrists with all the bangles and accessories you like. Don’t believe us? Just stop and have look at some wrists on your next day trip out. Everyone will be wearing bracelets. Everyone.

9. Smile

No summer outfit is complete without a genuine smile. Besides, it’s summer. And you look cute. That’s got to be worth a smile!

What are your favourite accessories for the summer?


Collaborative Post – This post is a guest post which means I have received a small commission for sharing this article. Although I did not write the majority of this content, it is something that fits in with the niche of this blog and I have added my own twist to it.



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  1. Great post! My favorite accessory to have in the summer is rose water. It smells great and it’s refreshing.

  2. Very lovely tips! Anything to make life easier. Love your blog and thanks for following too!


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