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My name is Lauren but my friends call me Lozza! Thanks, for stopping by!

Welcome to girlygabble.com. The only women’s lifestyle blog you’ll need to read this year!

Girly Gabble was created in January, 2017 by ME! Lauren Green! I’m a recent blogging & social media marketing graduate; who’s a TAD nutty!! I love writing & having lazy days with my partner. Oh and I’m also super cool, as you can see above.. No? Okay..

I have many different styles, I love gothic, grunge, girly and even a bit of hipster! Yeah.. I just take each day as my mood chooses. I could wake up one morning feeling super girly, wear AWESOME Make up, spend ages doing my hair; wear pink, and listen to my R&B playlist, and stick Kiss FM on the radio. Then the next I could wake up feeling like a rock chick!! I’d wear black, whack on a bit of Guns & Roses or Kerrang and be unstoppable all day!

Its pretty cool loving different styles, as you can dress as your mood chooses you, and switch and swap your outfits. What my BIGGEST passion is when it comes to writing, is sharing anything we think a girl needs. Whatever your style is, we all need health tips as well as beauty and lifestyle advice.

Who doesn’t need it??!

The aim of Girly Gabble is to connect with other women and build a community; where we can all share our tips and inspiration with each other! (Us girls have got to stick together aye?!)


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I only review and recommend products that I have tried and are 100% happy to share with you; I would never give any false information to mislead readers. All my posts are my own opinions and self recommendations; if I am getting paid for a post I will inform you if the post is an affiliate or sponsored! It’s only fair, that I am fully honest with you! P.S I would only ever take on paid content, if I trust and believe what I would be writing.

If I include an image or link within a post which takes you to a third party website, then I may get paid a small commission. (You won’t pay a penny more by the way) I will only include links to sites that I 100% recommend so you won’t be mislead at all. I will state in each post if it contains any affiliate links at all! 🙂

I hope to share my lists, tips and reviews with you, and find other blogs that I can look at and build connections with!

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