9 Essentials To Keep In Your Pain Relief Box

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A handy little list of things to keep in your medicine box.

So we all have one of these right? A box full of tablets/things you need when you’re ill. Normally full of plasters, paracetamol etc… But do you have specific medication for when you really are unwell? There is a wide variety of things to keep in your medicine box at all times in case a situation arises, as when it comes to the time when you actually need some sort of drug to cure you, it seems you have nothing for it!

Aargh why does this happen?!

things to keep in your pain relief box

I was surprised to learn that 50% of people who I asked, just keep your every day pain relief at home, and nothing that is specified for common illnesses such as a cold or flu, or an upset stomach etc..

You need to keep a small variety ladies! You don’t want to be running out to the shop for last minute bits in your time of need! Stock up now and you’ll thank yourself later! Trust me!

Do you really know what things you need to keep in your medicine box?

This is what you need:

  1. Feminax (Number 1 because there is NOTHING you will need more ever!)
  2. Plasters of different shapes and sizes + bandages
  3. At least one pack of paracetamol (or whatever works for you)
  4. Cold and flu relief tablets (Beechams max flu capsules are pretty damn good)
  5. Bite and sting relief cream (you never know when you’ll need it and boy you’ll be grateful!)
  6. Muscle relief gel for that bloody backache or any other unwelcome muscle pain (deep heat works like a charm!)
  7. Antihistamines (For them awful times, when your eyes explode and your nose drips uncontrollably, whilst you sneeze your brain out, never fun..)
  8. Imodium (This kind of goes without saying)
  9. Gaviscon for that irritating heartburn (how long could you handle that pain without it?)

Can you think anything else you can’t go without? Let me know in the comments box!





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