8 Tips To Handle Your Period Like A Boss

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Ways to cope with periods, when you just can’t deal with them anymore..

Its’ that time of the month again.. Why does it come around so soon? Why do I have to be a woman? I hate life!! Sound like you at your time of the month? I feel ya sister.. I’m going to tell your my ways to cope with periods, don’t you worry..

There’s no way to sugarcoat it, periods suck!!!!

Bleeding from your vajay-jay, feeling like your insides are being cut up into tiny pieces and then pulled out of you, feeling constantly emotional; going from wanting to cry because your make up isn’t going right to screaming at someone for saying good morning.


I have searched high and low for a few little tips to help make the time of the month a little more bearable.

Here are my top 8 ways to cope with periods:

  1. Hot water bottle– meet your new best friend! Make up a hot water bottle for when you have the time to sit down – trust us, you’ll never want to be without it again!
  2. Feminax express- BEST TABLETS EVER!!!! These tablet’s are in our eyes positively, absolutely, definitely essential for coping with period pain. If you haven’t tried them yet, where the bloody hell have you been? You must try them!
  3. Comfort food – give in, it’s okay we wont judge we promise. Periods drain you and make you feel like utter shit. If you fancy a whole tub of chocolate ice cream at 2 in the morning, then girl.. You have it! And don’t feel bad! You can be healthy when this week of hell is over!
  4. Remind yourself to change your tampon/towel regularly to avoid any embarrassing situations. Nothing worse than leakage!!
  5. Wear loose clothing. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable while you’re on, so stay away from tight clothes and get into something baggy and cosy!
  6. Get lots of rest, have an early night!
  7. Have a bath nightly, to help relax you and your muscles
  8. Hot drinks!!! We all love a hot chocolate, especially at this time! Hot drinks can take your mind off the pain, and warm your tummy up to relieve symptoms slightly.


Oh, and by the way it has been said that exercise can help relieve period pains..

Who the bloody hell said that??

Maybe it works for some people, but not for me or anyone that I have spoken with. You just end up a sobbing mess, in a ball on the floor..

Anyway ladies, these things really do work, so please give them a try, and if you have any other hints, let me know!





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  1. And don’t eat chips. The salt makes it all worse!

    1. Ooh we didn’t know this! Thanks for sharing ☺

      1. I know because I crave salt and then suffer afterwards, but I’ve learned over the years to resist. I agree with you, ice cream never hurts. 🙂

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