5 Secret Skin Products To Give You AMAZING Results

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Here you will find my little guide which will show you products that I have tried and actually use, that have helped me learn how to rid of spots! Damn I wish I knew about them sooner!

If you’re anything like me, then you have tried hundreds of different brands to find out how to get rid of spots! And the getting the right solution for your skin care needs. Having the perfect skin is almost impossible to achieve, without knowing what treatments to start trying..

Spot prone skin is so so hard to cope with. Having spots can make you feel so self conscious; it can stop you going out and make you want to hide away FOREVER!

You have seen all the adverts with brands claiming their products are THE BEST! And most of them with prices through the roof!!!! You can’t just hide your spots. I mean it’s your face.. You can cover your face in make up, and try every blinking concealer and foundation, to be let down and left disappointed as your spots still show.

Here are my TOP 5 recommended products:

And there is my secret little list! 

how to get rid of spots

As I’m sure you have noticed 3/5 of these products are from the Clean & Clear range..

I only share my honest opinions and reviews on products, and after trying literally hundreds; the Clean & Clear brand really do the trick for me! Hell, they REALLY know how to get rid of spots! 

And another bonus? The clean and clear products are really cheap! We’re talking like £3 cheap and they actually work! The Dermalogica overnight clearing gel is expensive compared to the other products I have listed, but I wouldn’t suggest it if it didn’t work for me ladies. So if you really want to know how to get rid of spots, and are willing to try something new then go for it!

how to get rid of spots

If you found this post helpful, then let me know! Or is there any great skin care products out there right now, that YOU would recommend? Help a girl out! Mind sharing this post? 😉

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