22 Gross Things That Girls Secretly Do

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So women are typically seen as feminine and beautiful right?

We try our best to look good at all times, which is why we faff around with our hair and make up; to try and be somewhat fashionable. Even if we look a million bucks, smell divine and act like we are a confident, girly GODDESS; there are some pretty bloody disgusting things us girls do when no one is watching..

Come one ladies let’s be honest.. How many of these things do YOU do?

1. Sniffing your armpits when you think no one is looking, to see how bad you smell and if you need to bother putting on deodorant or not.

2. Getting excited when you have a spot brewing or one ready to squeeze. Why is it so satisfying?

3. Wearing the same bra several days in a row because it’s just there and easy to grab. Plus it’s SO DAMN COMFY! If no one knows, then who cares?!

4. Keeping underwear and socks that are so tatty, they should have been thrown a LONG time ago. Well you never know when you may run out right?

5. Shaving/tweezing your mini moustaches and not ever letting one single hair show.

Who said I had a moustache?! Pffttt, girls don’t get hair there silly!! *Coughs & blushes*

6. Shaving your legs daily, whilst trying not to forget about the big toe! Stop being so manly, you big toe!

7. Only shaving the parts of your body that will be on show. Wearing a skirt? BRILLIANT! I can shave from mid-leg down woohooo!

8. Picking your nose whilst driving and having a good ol’ rummage around in there; then smiling sweetly at someone when they catch you and staring in the opposite direction.

9. Getting into the oddest position whilst shaving down below, to ensure the vajay-jay is not sporting any unwanted curly wurlys! From ANY angle!


gross things girls do


10. Rooting around your ear with your little finger to see if there’s any earwax hiding in there. Ewww.

11. Farting like a trooper whilst laughing hysterically to yourself; because you would NEVER let one slip in front of someone else! Who else secretly has a good whiff too?

12. Squeezing blackheads and checking to see the shit that has just spilled out of your pores. Then rubbing your nose to feel how lovely and smooth it is after.

13. Shaving your armpits daily in every direction, because they grow so flipping quick, and never the same way.

14. Picking food out of your cleavage the you’ve just dropped, because FOOD IS LIFE!

The only thing I like better than talking about food, is eating..

15. Checking the colour/smell of your urine to see how dehydrated you are and if you need to drink more water.

16. Having a good ol’ scratch and sniff of your lady parts, to ensure everything is okay down there.

17. Inspecting tampons/towels after you’ve used them, just to see what it looks like.

18. Looking forward to taking a dump because you know you’ll feel SO much less bloated.

19. Giving your clothes a good whiff, to see if you can get away with wearing them again before throwing them in the wash.

20. Using the time when your lady garden starts to poke through your underwear as a reminder to groom yourself.

21. Pulling your loose hair out of the plug hole after you’ve showered and gagging.

22. Frantically scrubbing and hosing out the bath after using it to remove excessive leg hair and pubes. Mmm.

See, when you think about it, us girlsΒ can be quite disgusting really and can have as many gross habits as men! (If not more!)

If you don’t embarrass easily, let me know your gross habits in the comments box! Come on girls, we all do it!





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nope dont know what your talking, ive never done any of it lol ….


Guilty of some πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mubdiul Hassan

oh my god.. that is a lot of secrets…


Hahaa this is funny. I was really interested what will be those 22 things after reading the headline. They are not all wrong at all πŸ˜€

Roby H.

I knew it! I knew ya’ll weren’t perfect. Now the cats out of the bag…. Funny read. Thanks for the smiles πŸ™‚


my o my, i am male and a few things here some guys do them, but this got me laughing though , the words you used and the expressions too. worthy share for enlightenment of other ladies.

The ItAlian SmoOthie Blog

hahahahah My gosh I totally agree with all this sentence ahahah to shave just what you need hihihi true!!!!


HAHAHAH! Very nice posts. I love to read texts that make me think and this was most definitely one of those texts πŸ™‚ Good job! Hopefully I can enjoy reading more your posts in the future.

Elizabeth Starcher

This was hilarious!


This Post speaks to me on a whole new level. I am so in love with this I do far to many of these things- maybe that’s why I’m single….

Keith Haney

Well I take comfort in know that girls have joined the gross things guys do when people are looking.


Love this post and… I nominated you for the blogger recognition award! http://www.nerdybooklife.com/2017/06/28/blogger-recognition-award/


Hahaha secrets πŸ˜‚