The 2017 Unicorn Craze


So I’m guessing you’re going to be one of two people.

THE TREND LOVER– Who is SO excited about the Unicorn trend and goes all giggly and girly anytime they see ANYTHING that’s Unicorn related. And let’s face it.. Unicorn shit has been pretty much EVERYWHERE lately.

& THE TREND HATER– Someone who is sick to DEATH with the whole thing, utterly confused by it and have gone to The Winchester to have a pint and wait for all this to blow over.


Well girls, I am the TREND LOVER! And let me just say that I am not a usual follower of trends as I have quite a unique style and personality, and find that trends blow over so quickly, by the time you’re in with it, there’s something new everything’s talking about. But it looks as though the Unicorn craze isn’t going anywhere for a long while yet. (Sorry Unicorn haters!)

To clear up any confusion about how this madness all started, it all peaked when Starbucks launched their Unicorn frapuccino, which was available for a limited time back in April. Although this wasn’t what started everyone love toward Unicorns, it is when the trend really hit an all time high and social media was completely taken over with Unicorns. Since this, has been the launch of Unicorn glitter, Unicorn make up, and you’ve guessed it.. A whopping great ton of Unicorn merchandise, mixed with happiness and magic and screaming girls everywhere you go.


What people associate the most with Unicorns are the sense of an escape from reality. A magical creature that makes people forget their worries and feel instantly happy and excited. FYI.. I am the nut who goes into a total manic hyper state when I see something to do with Unicorns.

Here’s how much I have been sucked into this trend:

Are you ready??

So. I have… *deep breath*

  • A Unicorn LED lamp (Primark)
  • Unicorn notebook (Flutterbyes)
  • A Unicorn noteholder
  • A Unicorn tape dispenser WITH SILVER GLITTER TAPE (H&M)
  • A microwavable Unicorn heat toy
  • Unicorn room spray
  • A Unicorn nail dryer
  • And last but not least a Unicorn nightie (Primark)

And sadly all.. I don’t think it will end there for me..

So ladies. Are you a Unicorn trend LOVER or HATER?

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